Fortnite Update Introduces New Weapon Sidegrading Feature

Fortnite players can now sidegrade their ARs to make them Heavy ARs, should they want their rifle to pack more punch.

Fortnite is going to need a big year in 2020 if it wants to continue to ride the wave of momentum it has been riding for its first two and a half years. Although it might be argued by some that 2019 was a down year for Fortnite, its events would beg to differ. Between its second crossover with Marvel, first-ever World Cup, and the exclusive premiere of a scene from The Rise of Skywalker, chances are Epic was happy with its year.

There’s no rest for the wicked, though. Epic bought itself some time with its annual Winterfest, giving players a bunch of free stuff and new challenges to do over the festive season. New Year is now way behind us and the updates need to start rolling out once again. Update v11.40, the very first of 2020, is now live.

The first update of the year brings with it the ability for players to sidegrade their assault rifles. Sidegrading is exactly what it sounds like. A little bit like upgrading, just not quite as good. Fortnite‘s new sidegrade feature will allow players equipped with a regular assault rifle to transform it into a Heavy AR, allowing them to pack a lot more punch.

In order to do this, an AR-wielding player will need to find an Upgrade Station. As is the case when it comes to upgrading weapons, sidegrading will cost players a fair few materials. Not nearly as much as upgrading a weapon would cost, of course, but still, if you’re in dire need of a sidegrade, make sure those materials are topped up before heading to a station.

As of right now, sidegrading is only available for ARs, although that might change in the future. It is also only available in non-competitive play. As for what else is new in the v11.40 update, not a lot. As you might have noticed in the clip above, upgrade costs have been slightly reduced. Plus, the Flint-Lock Pistol, Impulse Grenade, and Shockwave Grenade have been added to the Battle Lab.

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