Fortnite update 8.30 is a BIG download with server maintenance

Early patch details have been shared by Epic Games, who are warning that Fortnite update 8.30 is going to be a big download.

They released the news today, confirming that all players would be facing longer wait times to get back online.

According to Epic, Fortnite update 8.30 is going to include a lot of technical improvements, some of which will be linked to the recent problems faced by fans.

This has led to tomorrow’s patch growing in size and varying space requirements.

Mac players are going to see the largest download size, followed by PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch.

The list includes PC: 6.93GB, Mac: 7.7GB, PS4: 3.9GB, Xbox: 4.06GB, Switch: 3.93GB, iOS: 1.14 – 1.76GB, Android: 1.56 – 2.98GB.

Epic has also warned that Mobile devices with 6GB of space will need to re-download Fortnite.

Tomorrow’s update is also set to include server maintenance and downtime for all players.

This is more usual and should be expected with a download of such a large size.

Maintenance is scheduled to begin at 10am, GMT and could run longer than usual too.

Here’s the latest news from Epic, who confirmed in a new social media post: “Become the hero your team needs in the v8.30 update!

“Downtime begins tomorrow, April 10 at 5AM ET(0900 UTC).”

Patch notes will be shared during the start of server downtime and will no doubt be larger than usual.

While we know that a few new features are coming to Fortnite Battle Royale, we also know that there will be an extensive list of bugfixes too.

When it comes to new features, Epic Games are changing things up with the new Reboot Vans.

According to the early patch notes, the Reboot Van will headline update 8.30 and will allow players to pick up Reboot Cards belonging to fallen teammates.

Players must then take the cards to Reboot Vans where they will be able to revive squad members and get back to full strength.

The only catch is that rival teams will be alerted to the respawn process via a beacon and audio cue.

Reboot Vans will be available near most major points of interest and will include cooldown period after each use.

It’s very similar to the respawn system used in rival Battle Royale game Apex Legends and could change gameplay significantly.

When it comes to bugfixes, these are the current ones listed on the Fortnite Trello board:

When switching from one shotgun to another, players are unable to shoot it for a short time, even after the “swap timer” ends.

Players will edit the structure behind them when they’re standing with their back to a friendly player built wall.

Creative Mode – Players have a hard time seeing what they are trying to build.

A lot more changes are expected to be confirmed in the patch notes being released tomorrow, April 10.

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