Fortnite Temporarily Disables Grenades After Players Discover Exploit

Grenade-throwing has now been disabled by Fortnite developer Epic Games in the popular battle royale game after numerous players discovered a bug that allowed them to exploit the weapon.

The act is temporary, though it was made to ensure that players could not throw more than one grenade at a time.

The developer took to Twitter to announce that they were coming up with a solution to the bug and would re-enable grenades in Fortnite alongside an update at a later time.

Some users responded gleefully in the comments, inferring that the grenade should be disabled for good. Others had been pleased by Epic Games’ timely approach to the issue.

For those unaware of the bug in question, a recent glitch had allowed players to throw however many grenades they had been carrying simultaneously, resulting in some explosive chaos. Given that players can carry up to six grenades in Fortnite‘s battle royale mode, this could conceivably cause some frustrated players at the very least and a variety of technical issues at most.

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Outside of battle royale mode, players can carry an infinite amount of grenades in Fortnite‘s Creative mode. Theoretically, even more chaos can be manufactured this way in the game, and tons of damage can be dealt to opponents.

According to Dot Esports, in order to exploit this bug, players had to modify their Fire settings so that the Mouse Wheel was either Down or Up. Once the setting was modified, grenade-throwing would lead to numerous explosions. As this required the Mouse Wheel setting to be changed in specific, the bug was tailored to PC players and was not available to exploit for console players.

While there were those who urged Epic to not reimplement the weapon, there will likely be a fix that eliminates the exploit so PC players can only chuck one grenade at a time.

Right now, in Fortnite, there is Deadpool-related content to keep fans busy. One of the challenges is to deface some posters for Deadpool. This has been part of a saga of Deadpool challenges for the past few weeks and is a great nod to the merc with a mouth.

Now might be a good time to jump on this too, as there are no bugs to get in your way.

Fortnite is currently available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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