Fortnite Split Screen: How to do split screen on PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch?

Fortnite split screen is finally back!

Split screen is a cool new feature that a lot of games offer, where two friends can play a game together using the same screen.

The function was recently disabled for Fortnite Chapter 2 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Epic Games tweeted at the time: “Due to an issue, we have temporarily disabled the Split screen feature. We’ll provide an update when this has been re-enabled.”

You’ll need two controllers and Fortnite Battle Royale to use this feature.

At the moment you can only use it on Xbox One and PS4, and there has been no word yet on if this feature is coming to Nintendo Switch, PC or mobile.

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How to play split screen on Fortnite on PS4 and Xbox One:

Split screen is relatively easy to use.

Before you start the game turn the two controllers ono so the game knows two players are logged in.

You will both need an account in order for it to work, but the second one doesn’t need to be attached to a PS Plus or Xbox Live gold subscription.

All you need to do is log into Fortnite, select Duos or Squads, and then load up the lobby.

Then you have to connect the second controller by holding down the button on the gamepad.

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On the bottom of the screen close to the right hand side you will see a prompt.

For example, for PS4 you will need to hold the X button to join the lobby.

The player can then join the lobby, and you can switch control of the menu screen between the two accounts.

Player one will by default have control over the lobby, so they can view their locker, watch replays and change their skins, etc.

But you can switch between accounts by holding down X, or the equivalent button on Xbox One.

Then player 2 can take over control of the lobby and do the same.

For now split screen is in a beta phase, which means it is not supported in Creative Mode or LTMs.

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