Fortnite Season X Teaser: Exciting Week for Save the World and Battle Royale

Fortnite Save the World already has some confirmed changes for Season X, or Season 10, as it will be officially known.

New Battle Royale teasers have started to be shared for the significant changes coming to Fornite this week.

Epic Games has confirmed that Fortnite Season 10 will begin on August 1, with new map tweaks already revealed for Battle Royale.

But it looks like exciting plans are also being put in place for Fortnite Save the World.

A new update has been shared on the official STW Reddit page, following a new post from a fan.

The question reads: “Magyst hasn’t posted in a while. Just curious if we will be updated on what’s to come this week/this season. I know they love surprises, but any update would be appreciated, even if it’s something vague.”

And a reply was posted by the Save the World team, albeit without giving much away.

And Epic Games Community Coordinator commented that while the team were staying quiet for now, it was due to the exciting plans being put together for Season X.

“We are pretty busy prepping for the next season! And as a few have mentioned, we do like to keep some things as surprises,” he wrote on Reddit.

“I can say that this week is going to be an exciting week! Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days.”

The one big thing we know is changing during Season 10 is the launch of a new emotes system in Save the World.

there is the new emotes support which is going to be available for users in STW during Season 10.

These will come with the added compatibility with the free Battle Royale mode, meaning you’ll be able to do some cool crossover stuff.

Talking to fans online, the Save the World team revealed a few more details, adding: “You will be able to set which emotes are in the primary wheel from STW once they are added. You won’t have to switch modes.

“You will be able to use any emotes you have, whether, from the item shop, the battle pass, or the two founder emotes you already have.

“The emote wheel will work the same way as it does in BR. So yes, you can have more than two at a time.”

A new currency is also being put in place that will make it possible for Save the World founders to continue collecting V-Bucks.

X-Ray tickets will replace V-Bucks for all non-founding players and can be earned by taking part in quests, missions alerts, and daily login rewards.

You’ll be able to use this currency exclusively on X-Ray Llamas within Save the World and does not cross over into Battle Royale.

“Redeeming tickets for an X-Ray Llama will consume your X-Ray Tickets before using your V-Bucks,” a message from Epic Games confirms.

“If your account does not have enough tickets, it will then swap to using V-Bucks for the purchase instead.”

Some players suspect this change is being made to help facilitate the free-to-play launch of Save the World.

However, Epic Games have still not announced when this will happen and if it will be put in place during 2019.

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