Fortnite Season 2 teasers DAY 2: Twitter reveals more hints ahead of launch

Epic Games has revealed more teasers for Fortnite season 2 on Twitter today ahead of the new Battle Pass launch later this week. The latest Fortnite teasers appears to be less cryptic than the ones released yesterday, hinting that dynamite could be making a return in Battle Royale. It remains to be seen how many other Fortnite season 2 teasers are released today with four published in the space of nine hours yesterday.


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This marked the first time that Epic Games has published that many Fortnite teasers in one day.

Alongside the latest Fortnite teaser was another redacted message which said: “Classified == [REDACTED] [REDACTED] == [REDACTED] Codename == [REDACTED] FN.CH02.S02 022020”.

Leakers have already figured out that the latest Fortnite season 2 teaser has something hidden in the background.

Twitter user @XTigerHyperX was the one that discovered the background of the image could be showing a new POI – the Oil Rig Station.

They tweeted their modified image of the latest Fortnite teaser showing the possible new location alongside the message: “Oil rig station?”

It seems likely that more teasers will be published today which bit-by-bit will reveal what are the redacted parts of the message in the latest tweet.


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It’s unclear what times these Fortnite season teasers will be tweeted, but here’s the timescales for the Fortnite teaser unveils on Monday…

• 3pm UK time / 10am eastern time / 7am pacific time

• 5pm UK time / 12pm eastern time / 9am pacific time

• 9pm UK time / 4pm eastern time / 1pm pacific time

• 12.15am UK time / 7.15pm eastern time / 4.15pm pacific time

The previous teasers bit-by revealed a image that gradually took shape as well as a message that had been redacted.

The redacted message in full said: “Transmission Intercepted FN.CH02.S02 Origin == Au 022020”.

While the teaser image showed a golden bust, an image of a skin’s helmet, part of the Battle Royale map and other clues.

One of these was revealed by tweeter HYPEX who discovered hidden on the teaser image were some map changes that look to be coming to Battle Royale.

Fortnite season 2 is launching this Thursday (February 20) with servers expected to go down that day at 9am UK time.

If all goes smoothly then Fortnite players should be able to jump in and play the new Battle Pass by midday GMT.

It’s unclear what the new Fortnite Battle Pass will be bringing to the table.

But one of the big rumours is that gold could be getting added as a new material, and this will create indestructible structures.

This could tie into the Chaos Engine which Epic Games began deploying in Fortnite with update 11.50.

One of the headline features of the Chaos Engine is the destructible environments it can bring to game’s.

Could we see the Chaos Engine fully deployed in Fortnite season 2, and only gold buildings are the ones safe from being demolished?

That remains to be seen, but either way the next few days will be a very exciting time to be a Fortnite fan.

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