Fortnite Risky Reels Event: Mysterious Video starts playing new teaser in-game

Fortnite players are reporting that a brand new video and countdown timer is showing in game.

The video in question is playing on the Risky Reels screen and resembles those TV test clips you used to get on television sets before we stopped calling them televisions sets.

Fortnite dataminer Lucas7yoshi first discovered the change to the game following a small patch released earlier today, noting: “the bool (true or false0 for “RiskyReelsStreaming” was just set to true”.

What's slightly intriguing is that the timer and video, which is on a 2 minute loop, isn't counting down, but up.

More and more players are now reporting seeing the change in-game, but currently, there's very little indication as to what this new change to the game could be for.

We've previously seen tv screens in-game showing warning signs before big events, but, we're only in week 5, and the big seasonal event wouldn't normally be for another few weeks yet.

As per FortniteTracker, one of the main suggestions being put forward by the various fans of the game is that something could be planned for the Children in Need charity event, which takes place tomorrow evening.

Adding his own two cents, Lucas7yoshi also added:

"The purpose of this isn't clear but I can make a decent guess:It's probably a performance test of how well they can stream video to the risky reels.

"Likely this will provide the info they need to know if they can run something else in the future, more meaningful though."

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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