Fortnite Reveals Season 4 Teaser Trailer, In-Game Comic Featuring Thor & Galactus

As if Epic Games didn’t have enough going on with Fortnite right now, the company has decided to go ahead and start revealing new content we can expect to see in Season 4. From a brief tweet and new in-game comic, it’s clear that Thor and Galactus will soon be heading to Battle Royale Island.

A comic book featuring Thor can now be found on the main menu, hinting at the arrival of both the God of Thunder and cosmic entity Galactus. The story it tells is called Two Weeks, and depicts Thor during his early days as the King of Asgard. Galactus approaches Thor and tells him that the Black Winter is coming, and it will destroy everything in its path. While Galactus is out trying to find a way to stop the destruction, he comes across the Fortnite island – and so we see the arrival of Thor and Galactus.

As for the map itself, we’ve already seen one small change take place, as there is now a strange rift swirling above Catty Corner. Perhaps it’s a rift opened by Galactus? Fortnite is know for frequently destroying its map and reworking it to accommodate new narratives and gameplay elements, so it’s not too farfetched to assume something terrible is about to happen near Catty Corner.

The tweet sent out by the official Fortnite account claims that “The prelude to War has begun. Experience Part 1 in-game now.” It then goes on to list the date of August 27, an indication of when we can expect to see the new season.

If you’re interested in checking out the in-game comic for yourself, be sure to log in to Fortnite and take a close look around Aquaman on the main menu. You should notice the comic laying around nearby. It raises more questions than answers, but at least we’re finally getting some confirmation as to what lies ahead for Epic’s popular Battle Royale. Expect much more to happen next Thursday – which also happens to be the same day as GamesCon.

Until then, you can bide your time by taking part in Fortnite’s #FreeFortnite Cup this Sunday.

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