Fortnite Players Say Deku’s Smash Is Overpowered And Can Trigger Epilepsy

Fortnite players are calling out the Deku's Smash item as being overpowered, and warning other players that the flashing lights have the potential to trigger epilepsy/

Yesterday, My Hero Academia content was added to Fortnite, including skins of Deku, All Might, Bakugo, and Uraraka, as well as some unique in-game items to earn. Similarly to the Dragon Ball crossover earlier this year, the event also added a powerful new item called Deku's Smash, which lets players unleash a powerful punch similar to Deku's Detroit Smash.

Although a lot of Fortnite players are sharing clips of kills with Deku's Smash and seem to be enjoying it, there's a pretty significant number of players complaining that it's too "overpowered". Over on the Fortnite subreddit, most of the players talking about Deku's Smash are complaining about how the move can kill in one hit.

One post from Redditor bl0ss0mDance gives an example of how much damage the move can do. According to them, they ran into a player using the move with 100 health and 150 shield, including the 50 that's given as an extra in the no-build move. Despite being as protected as you can possibly be in Fortnite, this apparently wasn't enough to stop them from getting killed in one hit.

Several other players on the Fortnite subreddit and on other social media platforms are sharing examples of the move's one-hit-kill potential. As it stands now, the only way to counter the move is by taking down the player using it before it activates, although that's easier said than done in the moment, especially with some players apparently using balloons to counter the wind-up.

There's a much bigger concern with the Deku's Smash ability than how overpowered it is, though, as players are also pointing out how dangerous it is for epileptics. In the same post from bl0ss0mDance, they warn that the move comes with no warning for the flashing lights, saying, "As someone with photosensitive epilepsy, this not only gives me an unfair disadvantage as I can't look at the person attacking me, but it is DANGEROUS. FOR MY IRL HEALTH. Like. Seizure inducing."

Thankfully, it seems that Epic has been made aware of the issue, as it has added an epilepsy warning to the My Hero Academia Creative Mode event that lets several players use the item at once. It's not clear if they'll add some kind of warning to normal matches, or if they'll tone down the move's power, but if you're epileptic and prone to seizures then it might be best to avoid Fortnite until the event is over.

This isn't the first time that Fortnite players have complained about a crossover item being overpowered, as similar complaints were made against the Kamehameha item that came with the Dragon Ball collaboration, although the epilepsy issues seem to be a bigger problem this time around.

That move could also take out players in one hit if it was used correctly, with one streamer proving that it could take out half a lobby in one hit in the unlikely event they all stood in a line. Thankfully for those players, that also means that it's likely that Deku's Smash will be removed from the game in due time, just like the Dragon Ball items were.

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