Fortnite live event Season 8 news and Avengers Endgame reveal

A few things are happening in Fortnite Battle Royale that points to a big Live Event being planned for Season 8.

We know that Season 9 is kicking off in May, meaning there isn’t long left before things change significantly for that.

But before that happens, we’re starting to get the first clues of a big event being planned by Epic Games.

Live events usually happen before the end of a Season in Fortnite, giving us a rough timeline on when stuff could start happening.

Fans have just over two weeks before the start of Fortnite Season 9, meaning that something big is going to happen within that time frame.

Right now, it appears that the Rune Mystery has moved into its next phase, with new lasers appearing on the map.

These can be found at different points on the map, and they all seem to be connected with the Vault at Loot Lake.

These lasers aren’t damaging players yet and are just beams of light that move during a match.

They can be found being projected from Runes sitting on elevated locations, like the Volcano and mountains north of Pleasant Park and Shifty Shafts.

Each laser has a different colour and seem to change in intensity when they get closer to Loot Lake.

It all seems part of a big event being planned by Epic Games, which could be kicking off later this week.

Epic Games just teased a new event being planned for Fortnite that would be a crossover with Avengers Endgame.

This happened with the first film, adding Thanos into the game, complete with the Infinity Gauntlet.

Now it looks like another “Fortnite X Avengers” event is coming to the game and could well be attached to the current lasers on the island.

It’s hard to predict whether a big live event will happen before the Avengers Endgame crossover, or if this something entirely different.

It looks like there will be new skins to unlock, judging by the picture posted on Twitter by Epic Games.

The new announcement also came with a date, Thursday, April 25, 2019. This is the day that new challenges drop, meaning it could include something new for fans to do.

Meanwhile, fans over on Reddit believe that by damaging where the Lasers are found, they can change the direction of them.

“We obviously have to get all three lasers pointed at Loot Lake at the same time. Since they don’t lock in to place we need to divide it up by servers,” one user writes.

“Europe takes Volcano NA East takes Frosty NA West takes Pleasant, rest of the servers can fill into the laser that’s lagging behind the most.”

If this is true, it sounds like the lasers could be the first clue which will eventually unlock news on when this new Fortnite event will take place.

Some gamers have completely missed what is happening, with one user writing: “Can you catch me up on the recent ones today, please? Bit confused. I’m not talking about the one that caused the volcano to smoke. Do you know or?

Other players have posted news on what has happened so far, adding: “at 12:00 EST three lasers appeared on the map and the more people pickaxe them, the more the lasers turn so we have to get all 3 lasers to loot lake at the same time which is super cool

“There are three lasers: one south of shifty at the big tree, one north of pleasant near the expedition outpost, and one on top of the volcano.

“The next rune is floating above loot lake. The lasers need to all hit the tune simultaneously to activate it.”

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