Fortnite Is Being Sued For Being Too "Addictive"

If you happen to dabble in video games, you may have heard of this thing called Fortnite. Ask anyone what Fortnite is, and they may say it's a battle royale game – but the truth is that it's so much more. With countless IPs, game modes, events, and experiences crammed into one place, Fortnite almost has something for everyone. Perhaps that's why it's so popular, and according to a class action lawsuit, so "addictive".

As reported by CTV News (thanks, PC Gamer), Epic Games is being sued for using "experts" to make Fortnite so addictive that players stick to it for as long as possible. The filing also claims that the game does not properly explain how addictive or harmful playing Fortnite for an extended period of time can be. The class action lawsuit was originally filed in 2019, and it was reportedly authorized by Quebec Superior Court Justice, Sylvain Lussier on Wednesday.

"The effects of videogame addiction, including Fortnite, on the brains of children is particularly damaging in that when they are continually attached to their machines, they develop severe deficiencies in their ability to integrate the full spectrum [of human] emotions," states the lawsuit. "Specialists report gaps in vocabulary as well as gaps in social integration. Indeed, it is recognized that the continued use of electronic devices causes significant changes to the prefrontal cortex of the human brain, changes that particularly affect young developing brains."

It also went on to reference the World Health Organization recognising 'gaming disorder' as an illness, along with other articles that compare Fortnite to heroin.

"We have industry-leading Parental Controls that empower parents to supervise their child’s digital experience," said an Epic spokesperson in a statement to PC Gamer. "Parents can receive playtime reports that track the amount of time their child plays each week, and require parental permission before purchases are made, so that they can make the decisions that are right for their family. We have also recently added a daily spending limit by default for players under the age of 13.

"We plan to fight this in court. This recent decision only allows the case to proceed. We believe the evidence will show that this case is meritless."

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