Fortnite: How The New Uncharted Drake’s Map Item Works

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A while ago, there was an item in Fortnite that looked like a map, and it was named Buried Treasure. If you followed the map, it would lead you to a Treasure Chest that would contain Legendary rarity loot. And, now, with the recent Uncharted x Fortnite crossover, a very similar item has joined the loot pool.

The item is called Drake's Map and just like the latest Uncharted cosmetic items, it was added as part of the collaboration between the two games. Here is everything you need to know about this item.

What Is Drake's Map?

Drake's Map is a Legendary rarity item in Fortnite that you can find as floor loot. Therefore, there aren't any specific locations where you'll be more likely to find it. It's all about being lucky. The item looks exactly like a treasure map, and it has a bright golden glow to it before you pick it up, so it's kind of hard to miss.

You can only stack one map because you can only carry one at a time, even if you try to use different inventory slots to bring them with you.

How To Use Drake's Map

To use Drake's Map, all you have to do is select it in your weapon loadout. Then, a red dotted line will appear on your screen. If you look in the direction of the line, you'll notice a glowing column of golden light; it may be off in the distance or nearby depending on the location of the treasure. The golden light glows from the same spot where the Treasure Chest on the map is.

Follow the red dotted line until you reach your destination, meaning the golden glowing spot. You will see a giant dirt X. Once you're on top of the cross, hit it with your pickaxe right in the middle, where the lines meet, to dig up the chest. A Treasure Chest will emerge from the location and once it's dug up enough, you'll have the option to search it.

Usually, two Legendary weapons will pop out of the chest, but it's possible for up to four to come out. There will also be some ammo, materials, gold, and a few healing items. It's definitely worth taking your time to find the buried treasure.

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