Fortnite hot spots: What are hot spots? How to find hot spots for week 6 challenge?

Fortnite hot spots are central to one of the week 6 challenges for the season 9 Battle Pass.

As per usual the latest Fortnite challenges have leaked ahead of them officially going live in the Battle Pass.

And one of the most eye-catching Fortnite week 6 challenges is focused on the recently added hot spots.

Fortnite hot spots were added during season 9 in the 9.10 patch and they’re the focus of a staged free challenge for week 6.

The three-staged Fortnite week 6 free challenge sees players looking for chests, ammo boxes and aiming for eliminations at a hot spot.

In case you don’t know, hot spots are named locations that are randomly selected in a map across all Fortnite game modes.

These locations feature more loot in higher rarity, and you can spot which POI is a hot spot as its name will be highlighted in gold on the minimal.

There will be at least one hot spot per Fortnite match, but there’s also a 25 per cent chance of two spawning and five per cent possibility of three.

Playing in Team Rumble is your best chance of finding a hot spot as four of them can spawn per match.

Completing all three of the hot spot challenges for Fortnite week 6 will reward players with 10 Battle Stars in total, according to leaks.

In case you’re wondering then here is the full list of the leaked Fortnite week 6 challenges…


• Staged Challenge: Land at … (5)

– Land at Lucky Landing (1)

– Land at Loot Lake (1)

– Land at Shifty Shafts (1)

– Land at Frosty Flights (1)

– Land at Haunted Hills (1)

• Deal damage with SMGs to opponents (500)

• Staged Challenge: … at a Hot Spot

– Search chests at a Hot Spot (3)

– Search ammo boxes at a Hot Spot (3)

– Eliminations at a Hot Spot (1)


• Deal damage to a vehicle driven by an opponent (200)

• Use a Storm Flip in different matches (3)

• Use different vehicles in a single match (2)

• Eliminate opponents in The Block of Fatal Fields (3)

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