Fortnite event time, Operation Sky Fire date, downtime news, login warning and S8 LEAKS

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Fortnite fans are counting down to the big Operation Sky Fire event, which will usher in the start of Season 8.

The next Fortnite event has a September 12 release date, and a 9pm BST UK start time.

Of course, as long-time fans will tell you, it’s worth logging in slightly earlier to avoid missing out.

If you want to take part in the Operation Sky Fire event, the playlist will go live 30 minutes before the start. Personally, I recommend logging in at least an hour before.

According to the early leaks and reports, it sounds like the game will go offline after the event ends.

With the game seemingly going offline until the start of Season 8, Epic has confirmed that Operation Sky Fire won’t be replayable.

As such, content creators are advised to record and archive their footage when the event goes live.

The event revolves around the alien invasion, where players will need to infiltrate The Last Reality and send a message.

“With the Mothership’s sights set on the Imagined Order’s secret base at Corny Complex, Slone has hatched a plan to end the Invasion once and for all,” reads an Epic post.

“You’ve answered her calls, worked as an undercover agent for the IO – now it’s time to infiltrate The Last Reality and put a stop to the Alien’s occupation.”

According to Epic Games, the event will also be playable with a full lobby of up to 16 friends.

The Fortnite developer also warns players to complete missions and spend gold bars before the start of the event.

Once again, this implies that the new season will begin almost instantly, or at least after a period of extended server downtime.

To ensure players are able to spend their gold bars, Island residents and vending machines are selling goods at reduced prices.

Any outstanding Battle Stars will be automatically redeemed against random rewards. The same goes for alien artefacts.

“Any unclaimed Battle Stars or Alien Artifacts at the end of Chapter 2 Season 7 will be automatically redeemed for rewards and styles starting with the earliest available unlocks, so if you want to snag a particular option, exchange them now.

Fortnite: Epic Games tease Invasion storyline in trailer

“Superman’s Quests will also need to be completed before September 12 at 4 PM ET. Help Clark Kent recover his memory and unlock Superman’s special Glider, Pickaxe, and Shadow style.”

In terms if leaks, insider Shiina suggests update 18.00 will go live on Monday evening.

There were also reports that Naruto would be part of the Season 8 Battle Pass, although this has since been debunked.

Instead, the popular anime character will appear in the item shop at some point in the future.

Previous leaks have also suggested that the new season could have a post-apocalyptic theme.

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