Fortnite Down: Server Status latest as Epic Games begin update release

Fortnite server status will be offline later today as Epic Games prepares to release their next major patch for Chapter 2.

Launched last week with a new map and Battle Pass, Fortnite Chapter 2 has plenty of gameplay that needs fine-tuning.

And today’s new update could go some way to fixing some of the most pressing bugs annoying players.

The good news is that today’s Fortnite update is scheduled to be released by early afternoon in the UK.

But first, Epic Games will need to take servers offline for several hours of maintenance.

Downtime is scheduled to begin at 9am, BST or 4am EST, if you live in the United States.

And during this time, official patch notes, including everything being changed in update v11.01, will be shared online.

“Hi all, we have patch v11.01 planned for tomorrow,” a message from Epic Games confirms.

“This patch includes new content for Save the World and addresses some known game issues. Downtime begins at 4 AM ET (0800 UTC).”

As always, things could change pretty quickly if problems arise during the updating process.

So fans will want to keep an eye on the official Fortnite social media channels for the latest news being shared by Epic Games.

Bug tweaks that are expected to be announced include fixes to current problems with FPS rates while playing live in-game.

These problems have been flagged by Epic Games for some time and mean a solution could be arriving soon.

Fans are also hoping to see changes to the current XP system, which some players have found more of a grind.

There is also plenty of scope for Epic Games to add new weapons and items, since they didn’t add much in that category, following the launch of the new map.

We may also find out more about what’s being planned for the Bots now found in Fortnite.

These were released as part of Chapter 2 and are used to populate games at lower levels.

This has led to a lot more people winning, but there have also been a lot of reports of AI issues.

The official Fortnite Trello Board has plenty of other bugs listed, and so we can probably expect some lengthy patch notes.

One bug that is not listed as being fixed in the next Fortnite release is an issue connected to the new Fortnite hideouts.

The bug that players are encountering launches Fortnite players out of a dumpster hideout and straight into orbit.

The Fortnite bug has been dubbed the “dementor”, and it sees Fortnite players being flung towards the clouds before crashing down to earth.

It’s unclear if this will be part of the newest build, or if Epic Games are going to need more time.

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