Fortnite Chapter 2 patch notes preview: Food Fight LTM, Bao Bros skins, more?

It's that time of the week again – the time we start getting ourselves all riled up as we anticipate Epic rolling out a bountiful feast of new Fortnite content for us to pick apart and dissect in order to see what new content will be coming over the next week.

Even though we've recently seen Epic roll out a brand new map for the game, that doesn't mean we're not going to see more updates land in the game this week.

The developers over at Epic seem to have still got more surprises up their sleeves and are sure to roll out even more updates as Epic's Battle Royale continues to keep pace with EA's Apex Legends.

Patch notes for the game have been a little inconsistent over the past few weeks, so we're anticipating a bit of confusion when the patch for the game drops this week.

So as Fortnite Season 11, Chapter 2 starts to mature like a fine wine, let's look at what we're expecting to change in the game over the coming days.

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Dumpster fix

There's an amazing in-game bug at the moment that is turning Fortnite players into flying, airborne threats.

In the new map's urban areas, you can find hideouts in the form of dumpsters. Players can jump into the dumpsters with friends to trigger a bug that causes the dumpster to be flung into the air at lightning speed.

Once players are flung into the air, they're brought back down to Earth with a bang, insta-killing them. Check out footage of the wild bug courtesy ofu/Bigdog-475on Reddit below.

We expect this bug will be squashed and removed in the net patch.

More skins, Food Fight LTM

As ever, there will be new skins coming to the game with the new update, including a rumour that suggests previously leaked Bao Bros skins could be coming to the shop as of the new update.

Part of the datamined leak from the last update references a new LTM called 'Food Fight', and that'll come with a Dumpling Icon, too.

The Bao Bros skins have been mysteriously absent since they leaked… and this seems like the perfect oppertunity for Epic to get them into the game.

Expect to hear more soon.

Bug Fixes

As ever, there will be some fixes coming in the next release. As per the Fortnite Trello board , we can infer these are:

• Friends not appearing in the Friends List.
• Unable to use swapped-to item when character is backed up against camera.
• DBNO teammates cannot be revived or picked up if they’re in contact with corn stalks.
• Editing a style in the Locker after making an Item Shop purchase may cause controller controls to lock.
• Players with “Auto Pick Up Weapon” enabled can automatically pick up the Bandage Bazooka even if only one inventory slot is available.
• Siphon effect missing in Creative games after being queued for Playgrounds
• Some pieces of the Hero and Villain prefab can't be interacted with
• Torch light doesn't emit when using Low settings for Effects on PC

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