Fortnite Announces Most Wanted Event Featuring Heists And New Infamy System

Looks like the leaks were right. Fortnite's latest event brings back some vaulted weapons, adds some scandalous new quests, and even adds a "heat" system that makes it easier for other players to spot you. But the rewards for pulling this heist off will be truly primo.

First, let's go over the heist. The "Cold Blooded" syndicate has taken over the Island and has set up a number of Cold Blooded Vaults. Inside each Vault is a new Exotic weapon. Problem is, each Vault needs a Vault Keycard to open, and those Keycards only come from Cold Blooded Bosses. Find the bosses, grab their keycards (by killing them, natch), and then head to the Vault to get your new Exotic gun. Exotics will have additional perks like a shotgun that's perfect at tearing through walls or an SMG that automatically reloads when you run.

That SMG appears to be the returning P90 that leakers found in the game files, but there are a number of returning weapons in this event, including the hand cannon, dual pistols, heavy sniper, hop rock dualies, suppressed pistol, and the boom sniper rifle. Bows are motorboats are being disabled for the duration of the event.

Opening vaults and killing opponents will also raise your "heat" level. Having any amount of heat will make Cold Blooded syndicate members more hostile, and will also make you more visible to other players on the minimap and the environment. On the plus side, having heat will give you some bonuses, like extra movement speed and regenerating health.

But I mentioned a reward, so let's talk take. Complete Most Wanted Quests to gain Infamy, which will unlock new cosmetic rewards including the Cash Stash Back Bling, The Vault Guardian Pickaxe, and the Gold Blooded Ace Outfit. You can track your Infamy progress on the Cold Blooded logo tab in the lobby. Quests will fall under five categories, and completing most of the quests in that category will unlock the Cold Blooded Medallion. Get five medallions to unlock the Solid Skull Back Bling, which can evolve through Sold Skull Quests.

Finally, there's a leaderboard. Crack open Cold Blooded Vaults to advance on the leaderboard and unlock even more stuff. For the full details, head over to Fortnite's site here. Fortnite Most Wanted runs from now until February 28 at 2 AM ET.

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