Fortnite And Rocket League Teasing Llama-Rama Crossover Event

Fortnite is taking advantage of the fact many of us are still staying indoors and going all out with special events. While Fortnite’s Nexus War is still going strong until the end of the year, Fortnite has also announced a cross over event with the popular game Rocket League.

In celebration of going free to play and overhauling the game experience, Rocket League is hosting a new event. It’s a great time to be a Fortnite fan because the gifts keep on coming, and this time it looks like Rocket League will somehow be involved.

Rocket League Llama-Rama

Over on the official Fortnite Twitter account, an announcement for the upcoming Rocket League Llama-Rama event was teased, with an official release set for September 23. For clarification, the event will be held in Rocket League. If you are new to Rocket League don’t worry, because going free-to-play will bring a lot of changes to help welcome new players. While the upcoming event is held in Rocket League, you will be able to earn rewards for Fortnite as well. Fingers crossed for a Rocket League glider that does cool flips. At the time of writing, there are no additional details on the upcoming event, but rest assured that new information will be released quite soon.

Although Rocket League and Fortnite are arguably two of the most popular games today, the cross over event announcement is not receiving universal praise amongst all players. In some comments and Reddit posts regarding the announcement, some fans felt the crossover event is wasted potential. One argument raised by many fans is the player base for Rocket League and Fortnite can be quite toxic, so this event is possibly a horror show in the making. Other fans feel that the two games are woefully overrated.

Despite the pushback from some, there is an overwhelming amount of support for the cross-over event. Ideally, if the event is a success, this gives Fortnite more leeway to return with smaller-scale events to hold people over during their larger events. While the Llama-Rama may not be on the scale of the Nexus War, it is a welcomed change of pace.

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