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Everything you need to know about the versatile Omni Sword harvesting tool and how to unlock all its styles. What everyone loves the most about Fortnite and its Battle Pass is the wide variety of cosmetic items. However, there's more to some cosmetic items than meets the eye – which is the case with the Omni Sword harvesting tool.

The Omni Sword is a reprogrammable pickaxe that players can customize as they please to get different looks according to their preference. It's very similar to Chapter Two Season Seven's Battle Pass skin, Kymera. For Kymera you had to collect Alien Artifacts and then you could completely customize the skin as you pleased by purchasing additional styles. It may sound confusing, but we've written this article to guide you through this entire process.

How To Get The Omni Sword

First, before you learn how to get more styles, you need to actually get your hands on this cosmetic. You have to own the Battle Pass to get the Omni Sword. It's unlockable as soon as you purchase the Battle Pass. It only costs seven Battle Stars and it's right on the first rewards page.

Once you've got the pickaxe, visit the Battle Pass tab and select the Reprogram Omni Sword section. Here you will be able to check out all the available combinations for the Omni Sword.

Reprogramming The Omni Sword

There are four customization categories, one for Blades, one for Guards, one for Colors, and another for Sounds. To gain access to a certain customization option you'll have to purchase it using Omni Chips, a new currency this Season that's only used to buy Omni Sword styles.


There are 14 Blade options. Ten of them are unlockable straight away, but the last four have prerequisites that need to be met for them to become available. Here's what you need to do to gain access to them:

  • Shadow Slayer Style – Claim three Blades
  • Pinpoint Style – Claim six Blades
  • Hyperstrike Style – Claim nine Blades
  • Kata Scythe – Claim 13 Blades


There are seven Guard options. But the Guard's handle also has an additional style once you customize the sword. Once you unlock the Dazzling Spirit style for the Tsuki 2.0 skin you'll also get the option to use it on your Omni Sword. Two of the Guards have prerequisites, here's how you get them:

  • Sleek Style – Claim three Guards
  • Ceremonial Style – Claim six Guards


There are 14 Color options. Ten of them are available from the get-go, but there are four that you'll need to work harder towards.

  • Argentum Style – Claim three Colors
  • Enlighten Style – Claim six Colors
  • Crimson Quartz Style – Claim nine Colors
  • Carbonic Style – Claim 13 Colors


There are seven Sound options. Two of them need a little extra effort to unlock. Here's what you'll have to do to get them:

  • Ultralight Plasma – Claim three Sounds
  • Whisper Static – Claim six sounds

If you'd like to customize your Omni Sword, all you have to do is go to the Locker tab and in the Harvesting Tool section choose the sword. Then, select the Edit Style option and there are all sorts of options according to what you've already purchased using Omni Chips. You can even choose different bottom and top blades as well as the pickaxe wield type.

Omni Sword Quests

To get all the styles for the Omni Sword, you'll need to get tons of Omni Chips. There are two ways to earn Omni Chips, either by completing Omni Sword quests or by completing Season quests.

For each Season quest you complete you'll receive two Omni Chips. So, each week you should be able to get 14 Omni Chips this way. For each Omni Sword quest you complete you'll get three Omni Chips. Each week three new Omni Sword quests will be released, so you can get an additional nine Omni Chips weekly this way.

Omni Sword quests require you to go to a certain location on the map and physically collect them. Just like Season quests, new ones will be live each Thursday as the Season goes.

Week One

It's the first week of Omni Sword quests and to start off there are three named locations you'll have to visit in order to retrieve the Omni Chips. To collect them, all you have to do is approach them once you find their locations and walk through them. The Chips look like a red rectangular floating object and there are three Omni Chips at each location.

Map location Omni Chip locations
Logjam Lumberyard
  • Near wood stacks, southeastern building
  • Behind the wall next to the bounty board, in the main building
  • On the western side of the POI, near the water, behind a large stack of logs
Greasy Grove
  • In the TACOS restaurant, in front of the cash registers
  • In front of the TACOS restaurant, in the middle of the crossroad
  • In the brick structure, between the basketball field and the ziplines
Mighty Monument
  • On the southwestern dock, near the hut
  • On the eastern side of the island, near the statue's head
  • In front of the bounty board

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