Forspoken Has A Combo Grading System Like Devil May Cry

As the release date for Forspoken quickly approaches, more information on the RPG is revealed. The most recent tidbit is that it will include a combo grading system, not unlike that in Devil May Cry. That’s right, you better study your spells and abilities because the teacher is watching!

This facet of the game is revealed in an IGN-exclusive Gamescom gameplay video. The ten-minute video shows off several of the spells and abilities that the game’s protagonist, Frey, can utilize. The fast-paced combat system shows her busting out spell combos to easily mow through groups of enemies. As Frey shoots off spell after spell, a meter on the screen counts up, eventually assigning a letter grade to the combo.

The grade for the combo seems to follow the same scale as Devil May Cry and your average American school. D represents a low grade while an A represents some exemplary spell work. Those letters in-between represent some average magic.

The combo system considers several categories when dishing out grades. For example, if you use a spell that an enemy is vulnerable to you get some extra points. The same goes for evading enemies with some quick parkour moves and switching between spells with ease. However, shoot the wrong spell or miss your target and your grade will suffer.

Personally, I am not a fan of a grading system within games. I have enough issues in the real world with living up to standards, I don’t need my video games assigning a letter to how well I play. Plus, can you imagine waking up with amazing magical powers but every time you use them some guy shows up and is like, “that fireball could’ve been hotter, I give it a C+."

With over 100 spells and abilities to master though, you will have plenty of chances to build up combos and make the grade. That is if the game doesn’t suffer another delay anytime soon, as Forspoken was recently pushed back to January 24 for some extra polish.

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