Forspoken Gets An Extended Trailer With New Gameplay

An extended cut of Forspoken’s official title trailer has been uploaded to YouTube, featuring new gameplay focused on combat and traversal.

The trailer in question was uploaded to PlayStation’s official YouTube channel on March 30th and includes a lot of what was already seen. However, the extended cut shows us a little bit more of the gameplay that was briefly shown at the end of the original title trailer, and also features the game’s lead actor, Ella Balinska talking more about her role as main character Frey Holland.

As seen in the video embedded below, the trailer gives us a closer look at the excellent-looking, fast-paced traversal mechanics, showing us how easily Frey can dash over short distances, and jump to extreme heights. It also shows us a more acrobatic side to combat as Frey leaps around a massive bear before firing a rock at it and telling it in not so polite terms to go away.

There’s not much else we know about Forspoken, but Balinska does mention in the trailer that we’ll learn more soon. For now, we can only guess at any potential plot. For example, in the scene with the dragon, Frey seems to not know much about the world she’s in. Along with her clothing not really matching with her surroundings and the disembodied metallic voice that can be heard, it’s possible that Frey could have been transported to the land of Athia from another world with a more modern setting.

What we do know is that Forspoken is expected to release on both PS5 and PC in 2022, although a specific release date hasn’t been announced. An earlier trailer for the game also revealed that Forspoken will be a console exclusive for at least 24 months, meaning that those with an Xbox will be waiting a long time before the game comes to Series X|S. Keep an eye on TheGamer for more news about Forspoken that’s bound to be revealed in the coming year.

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