Forspoken: Chapter 12 – Awakening Walkthrough

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After all those hours, this is what it has been leading up to – the final confrontation is not between Frey and one of Athia's Tantas. Instead, it seems like we'll be taking on Cuff himself during the final chapter of Forspoken. At the end of the previous chapter, Frey makes the decision to abandon her last chance of getting home and save Cipal instead.

What follows is quite the combat marathon – there are lots of moving parts to keep track of in the following fights, so it's handy to know exactly what to expect.

The Reckoning

After using the torana to transport directly to Cipal, you'll find the city under attack. Follow the map markers, defeating the enemies you encounter on the way. Use Sila's Magic against the reptilian monsters, and Prav's Magic against the birds, if you want to exploit weaknesses and get the fights over quickly.

Eventually, you'll reach the square and be faced with an Altered Goliath, backed up by a bunch of Canis Dirus. The dogs are easily ignored – they'll either get caught in your normal attacks or simply not be threatening enough to take seriously. The Altered Goliath is the main threat here.

To deal with the Goliath's constant regeneration, use Naedre (one of Prav's Support Spells) to poison it. After that, switch to Olas's Magic and start pelting away – it's weak to Olas's Magic and should take a ton of damage, especially if you can rack up a ton of marks between attacks. Reapply poison whenever you can, and be wary of its attacks. If you've fought any Altered Goliaths before, this is largely an identical fight.

Preparations For The Final Battle

After the fight against the Altered Goliath, you'll be in the archives, where the residents of Cipal are hiding out. Talk to everyone you can here – each of the councilors will give you a Healing Draught.

There's also a crafting table and a spellcraft bookcase here, so do what you need to before heading to the final battles. We recommend an equipment set that increases all four different types of magic, as you'll be using all four of them in the final boss fight.

When you're ready to proceed to the final sequence, talk to Pilo at the doorway.

How To Beat Susurrus: Murmuration

This, the first of three stages of the final boss, takes place entirely on top of the Dragon. It's a simple phase – just hold the right trigger to fire the Dragon's breath and aim it directly at Susurrus, who is now taking the form of a golden ball.

Deal with the birds when they appear – they'll shave off Frey's health and force the use of Healing Draughts, which leaves you with fewer for the harder phases of the fight. It shouldn't take long to reduce Susurrus's health to zero.

In the following cutscene, pull the left and right triggers when prompted and watch the proceedings as the fight transitions to the second phase.

How To Beat Susurrus: Revenge Incarnate

In this phase, Frey is super-powered, making her attacks deal an absolute ton of damage. At various points during this phase, Susurrus summons packs of enemies to attack you – you'll see just how powerful Frey is when you attack them, you'll be dealing far more damage than they can deal with. When a new pack appears, take care of them quickly before returning your attention to Susurrus.

At the beginning of this phase, you'll be granted the Skip ability. This allows you to enter an invulnerable state for a while, floating and avoiding damage entirely. This costs Stamina, so be careful!

Susurrus is a simple boss – it will teleport between various points around the square and fire attacks at you.​​​​​​

  • When Susurrus fires a golden bird at you, just Flow to dodge it. If you get hit by it, you'll be rooted in place for a short while.
  • Susurrus can summon huge spires of stone from the ground to attack you. It's hard to see these coming when you're in the air, so be ready to recover and heal at all times.
  • Susurrus can fire linear laser beams and homing orbs at you – you'll know that he's using one of these attacks as the orbs around the central orb will begin spinning. Just be ready to dodge them with Flow.
  • At various points in the fight, three copies of Susurrus will appear above the castle and charge up a huge barrage of lasers across the entire battlefield. Use the charge-up time to head to the door to the archives, which is a safe zone. Use Skip to avoid the lasers if you're far away from the door.

Without any weaknesses, you can use whichever spells you like to damage Susurrus. Dealing enough damage will force Susurrus to change places in the battle, so be prepared to zoom around chasing after him. All in all, this fight is just hectic rather than incredibly difficult. The summoned enemies are more an annoyance than anything else and getting struck by the golden bird prison attack is risky, but you should have enough power to make it a short fight.

If you find yourself struggling to lock onto Susurrus or get a good angle, climb up to the buildings next to him. Handy ramps will appear over the course of the battle to make this easier, too.

After beating Susurrus: Revenge Incarnate, you'll enter the final phase of the fight: simply Susurrus.

How To Beat Susurrus

Susurrus's final phase is a tricky one until you learn the trick to it. To put it simply, Susurrus tries to emulate the fighting styles of the four Tantas in the order that they died, but will also take on a weakness to that Tanta's magic while doing so. This means that during the first part of this phase, he is weak to Sila's Magic. This weakness changes to Prav's Magic when he changes up his strategy, and so on.

Susurrus likes to teleport around a lot. In addition, he will travel around in the form of a swarm of tiny birds – he is impossible to hit during this movement, so don't try. Use these moments to charge up a Blast Slice, which you should release when he reforms, but beware of the quick sword slice that he uses immediately after.

  • One of his nastier attacks is to leap up into the air, accompanied by an Unblockable attack indicator. A few moments later, he'll smash the ground in a huge explosion, which is impossible to dodge. To avoid this damage, use Skip as soon as Susurrus disappears up into the air.
  • Susurrus also has a melee combo that is hard to keep track of thanks to the teleports he uses in between hits. Use Flow to avoid this if you can.
  • Susurrus can charge up a very large laser. This is an obvious telegraph, but the beam comes out incredibly quickly, so stay on your toes.

Attack Susurrus during the downtime between his attacks – there's quite a lot of it. Blast Slice works well as you don't have to get close to him. Surge Magic will work really well, as Sila's surge is incredible for dealing damage.

When you've taken him down to 75 percent health, Susurrus will use a completely unblockable laser attack that starts a cutscene. During this cutscene, you'll notice the symbol at his back change, signaling that he's in a different phase. He is now weak to Prav's Magic and has new spells to use.

  • Susurrus can float up into the air to fire lasers at you now, making it harder to attack him during the charging phase of the attack.
  • He can also fire many waves of golden orbs at you. These are Unblockable and cover a lot of the battlefield, so use Skip to avoid the initial barrage of the attack. The orbs will track you for a while, so be careful.
  • When he's on the ground, he has a very fast, close-range attack that fires a fan of orbs at you. Keep your distance at all times.

You should be using Chain Bolt to deal with this form – it has the best damage of Prav's spells and has very good range, making it useful even when Susurrus is spending so much time in the air.

When you get him down to about half health, there will be a very short zoom to Susurrus as he changes form. He is now weak to Olas's Magic.

In this phase, Susurrus summons multiple tornadoes across the battlefield. These will gradually suck you in, making it difficult to avoid Susurrus's attacks or position yourself better.

  • In this phase, Susurrus is a bit more aggressive. He will make larger melee attacks after reforming from his tiny bird swarm form, and his teleporter combo is faster.
  • One of his new attacks is to slam the ground, creating a massive shockwave that damages you. Flow over this when you see him crash to the ground.

Avoiding tornadoes is the main hazard in this part of the fight, but it should be quite easy to stack lots of Dart marks on him while you wait for a good opportunity to fire off a charged attack. Pusle Dart is a good option as it's the fastest Olas spell – you need speed in this phase, as he moves around so much and so quickly that using either of the other spells is a liability.

There's a full cutscene between the third and fourth phases, after which Susurrus is weak to Frey's Magic. He has yet more tricks up his sleeve.

  • He will float higher to use his laser move now and will use it from further away. Use Flow to get under him to attack.
  • He can shoot a barrage of golden orbs all over the battlefield, similar to the attack used during Prav's phase.
  • He often follows up the golden orb barrage by summoning a flock of golden birds to make the ground incredibly dangerous – avoid touching the ground by using Skip.
  • He can also summon a single golden bird and fire it at you. This attack is quite easy to avoid with a simple Flow to one side.

The challenge to this phase is actually getting to Susurrus. He's happy to avoid you and fire ranged attacks at you all day – you need to get close and deal as much damage with Burst Shot or Scatter Shot while you can. Eventually, he'll start monologuing, during which he doesn't even attack you. This is the perfect chance to get close and fire fully charged Burst Shots at him. With luck (and a high Purple Magic stat) this could finish him off.

Don't try to use Surge Magic when he's in the air. It'll miss.

When he gets very low on health, Susurrus will use a cutscene attack that causes a huge explosion. Try to use Skip to avoid this, or just heal up immediately afterward. This is the perfect time to use Surge Magic to finish him off.

During the next cutscene, hold the left and right triggers when prompted until the gauge fills up. With that, you have finished the main story of Forspoken!

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