Fornite's black hole capped off season 10 in apocalyptic fashion

What happened this weekend? Oh, nothing too crazy… unless you’re a Fortnite player, in which case the entire game got sucked into a black hole on Sunday.

A blackout in the literal sense came for the popular Battle Royale game in a season 10 “event” that would’ve introduced season 11, but instead saw the entire game’s map get sucked into a black hole. Now, those gamers who were hoping to spend a full 24 hours playing the game and shirking all other responsibilities were left to just watch a livestream video of the black hole being a black hole (shown in the video above).

As shown through footage recorded by IGN, the Visitor, a character that arrived on a meteor that was then suspended frozen in midair above the game’s island, sent up a rocket as multiple rifts in the sky were made. The rocket created another rift, which sparked a chain reaction of rockets zooming about the sky.

At first, players thought this was all to destroy the meteor and save the island, but then, after a quiet moment, another rift opened in the sky and sent the rocket and the meteor down to the island’s “zero point,” which sent a shockwave out across the map that hurtled players into the sky and then sucked everything into oblivion.

Simultaneously, the Twitch channel went dark and so did the official Fortnite Twitter feed, deleting all tweets except for one livestream of the black hole. The game’s Instagram account wasn’t as dramatic, but also revamped to accommodate the black hole.

A series of seemingly random numbers appeared around the edges of the black hole, and now fans are trying to decipher their meaning, assuming there is one.

What does this all mean? Who can say? A leaked image prior to the event featured a Fortnite Chapter 2 logo, so perhaps this is all part of a rebirth for the game.

The Fortnite website is still down, and Epic Games still hasn’t provided any official intel on what happened and what it means. Guess it’s time to play more Untitled Goose Game.

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