Former NFL VP Johanna Faries Now Commissioner Of Call Of Duty Esports

It is no secret that esports has grown as big as major sports such as football, but it seems they need to be run with the same amount of attention to business and detail as well. Johanna Faries previously worked for the NFL overlooking club business development, and now her talents are being put to use in order to get the Call of Duty World League where it needs to go.

Congratulations to Johanna Faries on being named Commissioner of Call of Duty Esports. Together, we’re paving the way for the future of professional, city-based competition for Call of Duty, beginning in 2020:

She made the move to Activision Blizzard back in 2018 to be head of product, and today, July 9, CEO Bobby Kotick has announced her new position as Commissioner. The Call of Duty league launches in 2020, and Faries is overseeing the entire process.

“[N]ow that we have a strong product vision and business model to share, and have sold in several team franchises in the process, we can now shift gears toward the planning and execution phase of our work,” Faries says. “The role of Commissioner oversees all aspects of those dynamics and the key stakeholders involved in making the system go, so it’s a broader platform for management than where we were back in August when the focus was primarily internal-facing and design-driven.”

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