Forget GTA 6, Vice City just came to Grand Theft Auto 5

The wait for GTA 6 doesn't seem to be getting any shorter – Rockstar Games isn't exactly being forthcoming with any information about the highly-anticipated open world sandbox title.

Luckily for us, gamers hungry for more GTA content have a surplus of patches and updates they can enjoy as the release date for the (likely next-gen) next Grand Theft Auto title gets incrementally closer.

Diligent gamers around the world are still working on updates and patches for GTA 5.

The game, which was originally launched back in 2013, was the most digitally downloaded game in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Australia this past Christmas… so there's no doubting its enduring popularity.

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  • New missions have been added into the title since the previous release, too. Though you won't be able to play the recreations of the missions Tommy Vercetti undertook in the original game, there are some custom missions added to this build of the mod.

    More than anything else, this mod is a great way to add a slice of Rockstar's satirical Miami into an ageing GTA 5 – and get us hyped up for GTA 6… which some rumours suggest will be taking us back to Vice City .

    The game is also rumoured to have a shorter campaign than GTA V , though we can't speak for the veracity of this rumour.

    We'll keep you updated as we learn more about the next Rockstar Game.

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