Forget Games with Gold, the latest Xbox One free games are the BEST yet

Xbox Gold subscribers can enjoy another batch of free games this weekend.

As part of Microsoft’s regular Free Play Days promotion, Xbox Gold subscribers can download and play a number of Xbox One games for free.

The only catch is that the games are only playable for a few days, so think of it like an old-school rental.

It’s especially good news for Xbox One fans this week, because the latest batch of free games may be the best yet.

Running from now until 7.59am BST on June 29, Gold subscribers can download Hitman 2 and Stardew Valley.

Despite huge differences in gameplay, both games make excellent additions to any library.

Stardew Valley has a Metacritic score of 89% on Xbox One, while Hitman 2 has a score of 84%.

Similar to games like Harvest Moon – and to a lesser extent Animal Crossing – Stardew Valley tasks players with running a successful farm, all the while forming relationships with the local villagers.

You can even battle monsters while exploring the mines, or take the day off and enjoy some fishing. 

“Learn to live off the land and turn your overgrown fields into a thriving farm this weekend in Stardew Valley,” reads the official description.

“The old ways of life have disappeared, but the valley is full of opportunities. Customise your character and house, improve your skills over time, and become a part of the local community.

“There are no shortages of activities to pass the time as you create the home of your dreams and restore the valley to greatness.”

Hitman 2, on the other hand, is a stealth game starring everybody’s favourite assassin Agent 47.

Get full access to the Miami and New Zealand locations in this weekend’s inclusion to Free Play Days,” Microsoft explains.

“As Agent 47, travel the globe from sun-drenched streets to dangerous rainforests to track down your targets and hunt down the elusive Shadow Client.

“Featuring new ways to play and new game modes, prepare to experience the ultimate spy thriller story.”

If you enjoy the games and want to continue playing after the trial comes to an end, you can purchase both games at a reduced price.

Stardew Valley is reduced to just £8.39, while Hitman 2 Gold Edition – which includes the Expansion Pack – costs £19.99.

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