For Whatever Reason, Street Fighter V Just Got a Benchmark Tool On PC

Capcom has made some strides with Street Fighter V over the past four years that have brought it to a much better state. More characters, extra stages, and new costumes: the game is only really missing one thing.

Oh, you thought I was going to say improved netcode, didn’t you? No, I was really talking about a benchmark tool for PC players to see if they can run the game. You know, that game that has been out for four years and hasn’t changed system requirements at all despite PC hardware improving. Yes, that was the most critical thing Street Fighter V was missing.

I jest, but this latest program from Capcom is kind of strange. This seems like a feature that should have been available back in 2016. It’s also doubly strange because recent online betas and free trials have basically given people access to a version they can test their system against. What is the point of providing this program in 2020?

What’s more curious about this benchmark tool is that Street Fighter IV’s original PC port had one well before its launch. Capcom even did one for Resident Evil 5 so that people could upgrade their hardware if necessary. This delayed-release is just so confusing and kind of unnecessary. Why put resources towards this when Street Fighter V still has some underlying issues?

If you haven’t bothered to check out V and aren’t sure if your PC is up to snuff, then here you go. There’s now a way to test out the game without waiting for a free weekend or dropping cash on it. Clocking in at 1.7 GB, the tool will test a couple of scenarios on your machine to make sure you’re ready for online play. You’ll see a readout of your average display settings, overall FPS, and where your limiting factors are.

The minimum system requires are pretty paltry, though. A GTX 480, Core i3-4160, and 6 GB of RAM. That’s basically a PC you could build for $300. My now seven-year-old PC far surpasses the recommended specs and I’ve only ever changed a graphics card. This is just so odd.

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