For Some Reason, Neopets Is Getting A New TV Show

Remember that weird Neopets website from a few decades ago? Apparently, it’s still alive — and is absolutely thriving. Neopets is set to receive a mobile-friendly website later this year, a new set of merchandise, and a brand-new TV show.

You’d be forgiven if you thought Neopets died at the turn of the century. Its website still looks incredibly old, and with so much competition from other gaming sites and mobile games, it’s hard to believe that it’s doing so well.

In fact, the Neopets website pulls in nearly 350 million page views every month, making it an incredibly popular destination on the web. Now, it seems that JumpStart Games wants to find other sources of revenue for the Neopets brand, as the company has announced that it is collaborating with Beach House Pictures to create a brand new TV show.

The Neopets show will target an audience between the ages of eight and twelve, and it hopes to bring the series to “a new generation of kids.” The franchise — like Pokémon — has an incredibly diverse group of players. JumpStart Games says that the active user base consists of teens, young adults, is available in eight languages, and that over 60% of the audience is female. JumpStart Games is hoping that young viewers of the show will turn to the Neopets website and become active users themselves.

With such a wide appeal, its highly likely that the series will be held to high expectations. Although that might be the case, Dovovan Chan — creative director at Beach House Pictures — says that the franchise is a “blank slate for creatives because it doesn’t already have a series.” The world of Neopets has over two decades of content for Beach House Pictures to work with, giving them plenty of opportunities to tell interesting stories. And although the company is primarily known for its live-action puppet shows, it does have experience in the world of animation with titles such as Hatching Time and Where’s My Bed.

It seems that Neopets had more staying power than anyone imagined. With a new TV show in the works, as well as a mobile-friendly website, the franchise might well be around for another twenty years.

At this time, no release date has been announced for the series.

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