Footage Of Unreleased Modern Warfare Sniper Rifle Leaked

Data miners and leakers have been hard at work trying to bring us everything they can about updates to Warzone and Black Ops this month. Of course, that means we got leaked footage of an unreleased Modern Warfare sniper rifle.

The selection of long-range rifles on Warzone has been woefully lacking for a while with just three options available — none of which are particularly satisfying. So, with the new update, fans have been asking for a new sniper to be added to the lineup. Activision finally seems to be ready to let us get our hands on a rifle that we actually want to use — and man did they deliver.

A fan favorite from Call of Duty 4 (the original Modern Warfare) is making its way to Warzone. It looks like an unassuming hunting rifle at first, but when you start racking up those one-hit kills you quickly realize that this isn’t just any rifle. A leaker called Bktoor shared footage of the rifle in use at the stadium in Verdansk.

The sheer awesomeness of this puppy is balanced out by the fact that it’s a bolt-action rifle, so reloading after each shot is going to take some time. Unless, of course, you’re using sleight of hand on it. As of yet, there are no sound effects for the gun, and this is leaked footage so its subject to change and may not be coming in season six. Regardless, whenever it makes its way to Warzone, it’ll be the perfect fit for the wide-open landscape of Verdansk.

Some folks speculate that, because it doesn’t have a scope, it’ll be relegated to the marksmen rifles as opposed to the sniper category. We know the truth though; this bad-boy will have scope attachments and is the best sniper rifle that you can use in Warzone. We don’t have data to back that up, and maybe you prefer something else, but let those of us who were playing the original MW tell you — we are going to be rocking this thing when it finally arrives.

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