First Footage Of Cancelled Epic Mickey Spin-Off Epic Donald Uncovered

The first footage for the cancelled Epic Mickey spin-off, Epic Donald, has been uncovered.

Last year, gaming historian Liam Robertson released a video focusing on all the cancelled Epic Mickey sequels and spin-offs, including a third mainline game, a racing game, and, best of all, a Donald-focused spin-off called Epic Donald. The project was planned for the Wii and had seemingly progressed a decent amount of the way through development before being canned by Disney, leaving Donald Duck fans with nothing but a ton of awesome concept art.

Although Epic Donald seemed to have a decent amount of work put into it, Liam Robertson wasn't able to share any actual footage of the game, instead showcasing the various bits of concept art and showing a still from an animation test that showed Donald Duck adventuring in some ruins. One year later, YouTube channel Slope's Game Room has managed to obtain footage from Epic Donald and has showcased it in a video focusing on cancelled Disney games.

The footage is comprised of two separate scenes. The first seems to be from the aforementioned animation test that shows Donald and Mickey in some ruins. The clip shows the pair looking around the ruins, which are full of golden coins raining down from the roof. Interestingly, Mickey's design seems to be reminiscent of his design in the 80s, with much narrower and more expressive eyes.

The next clip shows some actual gameplay footage and has Donald and a stand-in for Mickey running around the docks of some town. It seems like, although it was planned for Mickey to be the cooperative partner for the game, enough work hadn't been done to include him properly as he's represented by a reskinned Donald with a Mickey box on his head.

Donald is shown using some kind of green shield throughout the footage, although what the shield does is unknown. After showing the footage, Slope claimed that it was sent in from a fan of the show, but refused to go into more detail on the matter.

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