First Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me Trailer Stars Jessie Buckley In A Creepy "Murder Hotel"

The Dark Pictures Anthology continues with its fourth horror story, The Devil In Me, which will arrive later this year. The first trailer seemed quite Saw-inspired, with a hotel full of terrifying traps for its hapless victims. Today's story trailer provides a little more context to why so many people find themselves emperiled in a replica of H.H. Holmes' "Murder Castle."

H.H. Holmes is often referred to as "America's first serial killer." Born in 1861 and hanged in 1896, Holmes confessed to killing 27 people over the course of his life, although the true number could be much higher. Many of those killings took place in his "Murder Castle," a hotel constructed by Holmes in Chicago in 1887.

When news of Holmes nefarious deeds hit the press, several publications ran fictional hotel plans that included torture chambers, trap doors, gas chambers, moving walls, doors and stairs that led to nowhere, and a crematorium in the basement. None of these claims were true as the Castle had a fairly typical layout for a lowrise building in Chicago, but the legend of the Murder Castle stuck regardless.

It seems like The Devil In Me makes use of one of these fictionalized Murder Castle layouts. A rich recluse manages to convince a production studio to come to his Murder Castle replica, only to find that it's less of a replica and more of a functional prototype. The killer isn't revealed, but their horrific traps mirror the fictional reports printed in newspapers over a century ago.

Supermassive Games has confirmed Oscar nominee Jessie Buckley will star as Kate Wilder in The Devil In Me, with the game's arrival scheduled for sometime in the fall. Pre-orders are available now and will provide players with early access to The Curator's Cut, which sounds a lot like The Quarry's Director's Chair. This lets players play out scenes with different characters than chosen in-game, allowing them to make different decisions and easily access different endings.

Bandai Namco's store is also offering an Animatronic Collector's Edition, which comes with an Animatronic Bust of one the Devil In Me's creepy characters, as well as a Lonnit Entertainment business bard, a postcard, and exclusive hotel map. No spoilers yet, but that map will likely prove invaluable in keeping your production assistants alive.

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