Fire Emblem: Three Houses – All Paralogues And Their Rewards

Paralogues in recent Fire Emblem games serve as optional side missions that can be completed to earn rewards, learn more about characters, and reveal interesting plot points that might be separate to the ongoing main story. The paralogues in Three Houses are no different, serving up some of the most interesting maps and challenging encounters in the entire game. Here’s the rundown on what you need to know about these side stories in Three Houses.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Paralogues Explained

The most important difference between paralogues in Three Houses and paralogues in the 3DS era is that they can be time limited. Some take place before the timeskip, others take place after, and all of them typically only have a few months’ grace period before the opportunity to play them goes away forever. You’ll also have access to different paralogues depending on which characters you’ve recruited – nearly every character shows up in at least one, but sharing them may work a bit strangely. Paralogues are accessed by choosing Battle on a free day and use up one activity point, and will provide players with both the deadline and recommended level in the description.

Apart from that, paralogues typically offer one-of-a-kind rewards, extremely good items and battalions, gold, or all of the above! Taking the substantial EXP gains, rewards, and extra information about the game’s cast that these missions provide all into account, paralogues are easily one of the most worthwhile things to do during your weekends at Garreg Mach. Even though some are more worthwhile than others, we don’t recommend passing up any of them. In case you’re strapped for time, though, here’s a brief rundown on every paralogue in the game.

All Paralogues In Fire Emblem: Three Houses

War For The Weak

  • Focus character: Dedue
  • Unlocks during Chapter 6
  • Rewards: Duscur Heavy Soldiers, a clean conscience
  • Azure Moon exclusive
  • Important note: this paralogue is mandatory if you want to keep Dedue alive. He will not reappear after the timeskip if you fail to complete this.

Rumored Nuptials

  • Focus characters: Dorothea and Ingrid
  • Unlocks during Chapter 7
  • Rewards: Galatea Pegasus Co., Lúin relic weapon (if you have recruited Ingrid), Goddess Ring
  • Notes: You can play this without recruiting Ingrid, but miss the best rewards.

Land Of The Golden Deer

  • Focus character: Lorenz
  • Unlocks during Chapter 7
  • Rewards: Thrysus relic weapon, Gloucester Knights

The Forgotten

  • Focus character: Sylvain
  • Unlocks during Chapter 7
  • Rewards: Lance of Ruin relic weapon (if you did not keep it), Gautier Knights, Talisman, Longbow, Extra Large Bullion
  • Notes: Rewards for this paralogue depend on performance. This assumes you defeat all the thieves before they escape.

Sword And Shield Of Seiros

  • Focus characters: Alois and Shamir
  • Unlocks during Chapter 7
  • Rewards: Seiros Archers, Holy Knights of Seiros (if Alois is recruited), Large Bullion, Seraph Robe

Black Market Scheme (DLC)

  • Focus characters: Balthus and Hapi
  • Unlocks during Chapter 7
  • Rewards: Vajra-Mushti relic weapon, Leicester Dicers Corps, Timotheos Magi Corps

Tales Of The Red Canyon

  • Focus character: Sothis
  • Unlocks during Chapter 8
  • Rewards: 3 extra Divine Pulse charges, a Knowledge Gem
  • Notes: Avoid for a bit if your Byleth is under-leveled – Byleth spawns alone near demonic beasts.

True Chivalry

  • Focus character: Felix
  • Unlocks during Chapter 8
  • Rewards: Aegis Shield crest item, Fraldarius Soldiers, Large Bullion, Wo Dao
  • Notes: Save all townspeople for best rewards.

Death Toll

  • Focus characters: Raphael and Ignatz
  • Unlocks during Chapter 8
  • Rewards: Extra Large Bullion, Short Axe, Short Spear, Killer Bow, Leicester Mercenaries, Victor Private Military
  • Notes: Save all the merchants for best rewards.

Oil And Water

  • Focus characters: Manuela and Hanneman
  • Unlocks during Chapter 8
  • Rewards: Macuil Evil Repelling Co., Indech Sword Fighters, Experience Gem
  • Notes: Maneula spawns far from others. Be prepared to rescue her or ensure she’s properly leveled to survive.

A Cursed Relic (DLC)

  • Focus characters: Yuri and Constance
  • Unlocks Chapter 8
  • Rewards: Fetters of Dromi relic item, Mockingbird’s Thieves, Nuvelle Fliers Corps

Falling Short Of Heaven

  • Focus characters: Ashe and Catherine
  • Unlocks Chapter 9
  • Rewards: Gaspard Knights, Shoes of the Wind, Critical Ring, Umbral Steel x1
  • Notes: Fog of war map where you protect an NPC that enemies will prioritize. Be prepared on higher difficulties. Some rewards require that she takes no damage.

An Ocean View

  • Focus characters: Flayn and Seteth
  • Unlocks Chapter 9
  • Rewards: Spear of Assal, Caduceus Staff, Cichol Wyvern Co., Cethleann Monks

The Secret Merchant

  • Focus character/s: Anna, Jeritza in Crimson Flower
  • Unlocks Chapter 9, or Chapter 13 in Crimson Flower
  • Rewards: Secret Transport Force, a lot of enemy drops. Noteworthy are the Horseslayer, Venin Lance, and Venin Axe.
  • Unobtainable in Silver Snow

Dividing The World

  • Focus characters: Hilda and Cyril
  • Unlocks Chapter 10
  • Rewards: Freikugel relic weapon, Goneril Valkyries, Almyra Mercenaries (if Cyril is recruited), Large Bullion, Hexlock Shield
  • Notes: Save all soldiers for best rewards.

Weathervanes Of Fodlan

  • Focus characters: Annette and Gilbert
  • Unlocks Chapter 14
  • Rewards: Crusher relic weapon, School of Sorcery Soldiers
  • Azure Moon exlcusive
  • Notes: Gilbert and Annette spawn far from others.


  • Focus character: Edelgard
  • Unlocks Chapter 15
  • Rewards: Holst’s Chosen
  • Crimson Flower exclusive

Darkness Beneath The Earth

  • Focus character: Hubert
  • Unlocks Chapter 15
  • Rewards: Arrow of Indra unique weapon
  • Crimson Flower exclusive

The Face Beneath

  • Focus characters: Mercedes and Caspar
  • Unlocks Chapter 15
  • Rewards: Rafail Gem relic item, Church Soldiers, Bergliez War Group, and potentially a Dark Seal and Scythe of Sariel unique weapon.
  • Notes: It is not mandatory to kill the Death Knight, but you won’t get his drops if you don’t.

Legend Of The Lake

  • Focus characters: Leonie and Linhardt
  • Unlocks Chapter 15
  • Rewards: The Inexhaustible, Hevring Prayer Troops, Sauin Militia, and a Short Axe, XL Bullion, and Umbral Steel from chests.
  • Cannot bring Edelgard or Hubert if playing Crimson Flower.
  • Additionally, unavailable on Crimson Flower if you have killed Seteth or Flayn.
  • Notes: Fog of war map with a gigantic beast boss and enemy reinforcements. Be prepared with torches and multi-use battalions.

Foreign Land And Sky

  • Focus characters: Petra and Bernadetta
  • Unlocks Chapter 15
  • Rewards: Varley Archers, Brigid Hunters, Brigid Mercenaries
  • Notes: Boss changes from Hubert to Catherine when playing Crimson Flower.

Forgotten Hero

  • Focus character: Marianne
  • Unlocks Chapter 15
  • Rewards: Blutgang crest weapon, Edmund Troops
  • Notes: Fog of war map where nearly every enemy is a demonic beast and Marianne starts off alone with the boss unit (who resists magic and will target her if others get too close). Prepare your team wisely. Bring torches, fliers, and someone with the rescue spell if you can.

Eternal Guardian

  • Focus character: Rhea
  • Unlocks Chapter 16
  • Rewards: Seiros Shield
  • Unobtainable during Crimson Flower

The Sleeping Sand Legend

  • Focus character: Claude
  • Unlocks Chapter 17
  • Rewards: Sword of Begalta, many droppable enemy items. Noteworthy are: Tomahawk, Rapier, Killer Bow, Seraph Robe, Energy Drop, Goddess Icon, and a Rusted Lance (forges into Brave Lance)
  • Verdant Wind exclusive
  • Notes: Gigantic beast boss, bring gambits.


  • Focus characters: Ferdinand and Lysithea
  • Unlocks Chapter 17
  • Rewards: Ochain Shield, Aegir Astral Knights, Ordelia Sorcery Co., Lance of Zoltan, and four chest items: Evasion Ring, Silver Bow, Talisman, and Secret Book.
  • Notes: For best rewards, save all civilians.
  • Unobtainable during Crimson Flower

The Silver Maiden

  • Focus character: Dimitri
  • Unlocks Chapter 19
  • Rewards: Blue Lion Knights, Umbral Steel in a chest
  • Azure Moon exclusive

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