Final Fantasy VII Remake: How To Complete All Of The Whack-A-Box Challenges

As well as the returning squats minigame, there are several other challenges to be found in Final Fantasy VII Remake. One of these is Whack-A-Box, which players can first tackle after completing the Kids on Patrol side quest in Chapter 8. There are two different difficulty levels, with each one having a trophy and numerous prizes attached to it. Unfortunately, however, you’ll have to wait until Chapter 14 before you can tackle the minigame’s hard mode challenges.


In order to succeed at Whack-A-Box you’ll need to reach a target score by destroying a certain number of boxes within a time limit. There are four types of boxes, with the yellow ones providing 50 points, the small blue ones granting 100, the large blue ones giving 1,500, and the small red boxes adding ten seconds to the timer.

The smaller boxes are fairly easy to break, but the large blue ones can withstand quite a bit of punishment, meaning you’ll need to be smart about which you choose to destroy. Unlike regular combat, Cloud’s abilities will be limited to Braver and the one associated with the weapon he has equipped when beginning the challenge.


Normal Mode

  • 10,000 Points – Elixir
  • 20,000 Points – Crescent Moon Charm
  • 30,000 Points – Spectral Cogwheel and the Crate Annihilator trophy
  • Participation – Moogle Medal

Hard Mode

  • 10,000 Points – Elixir
  • 20,000 Points – Crescent Moon Charm
  • 30,000 Points – Transference Module and the Whack-a-Box Wunderkind trophy
  • Participation – Moogle Medal



When it comes to weapon choice, there are two viable options, although the Iron Blade is arguably the better of the two due to the Triple Slash ability having a wide range as well as propelling Cloud forwards. Alternatively, you can equip the Hardedge and use the Infinity’s End ability to destroy the large boxes in a single hit. When faced with two large boxes that are next to each other, just be sure to position Cloud so that his attacks hit both of them.

The Punisher stance is also incredibly useful when it comes to breaking the large boxes, although there’s a bit of recovery time after letting off the big attack at the end of the combo. You can get around this by performing a dodge immediately after the final hit and can also use dodges to traverse the course a little faster. If you adopt this strategy, it’s definitely worth equipping an orb of Deadly Dodge materia as this will make your next attack more powerful.

Normal Mode

You’ll start with 30 seconds on normal mode, so your priority should be breaking as many of the red boxes as possible. There are two of them on the path up the hill near to your starting position, so head that way first. After breaking them both, make your way back down to the starting area and destroy the big blue box to gain access to the barn. As soon as you enter, take a left and you’ll find another red box hidden behind a large blue box.

Continue onward and keep an eye out for the red box on your right just before you reach the two large blue boxes that are blocking your progress. From here, focus on the giant box pyramid and you should find that you surpass the target score around this point. If not, there’s another red box behind two large blue boxes on the left which should push you over the line.

Hard Mode

You’ll once again begin the round with 30 seconds on the clock and so should again focus on extending it as much as possible by breaking red boxes. There are 16 of them in total, so breaking them all will give you more than three minutes to reach the target score.

Ignore the three large boxes in the starting area and focus on taking out the four red ones instead. Just be aware that the one furthest to your right is at the entrance to a dead end, so be sure to turn back straight after breaking it. Once you’ve destroyed all four, make your way to the two large blue boxes that are blocking your progression and try and take them both out at the same time by standing directly between them.

There are another four red boxes in the next section, one of which is tucked away behind two large blue boxes. It is actually possible to break it without destroying the larger boxes, but it requires some very precise positioning and so it’s better to just break them all for the additional points. After doing so, destroy the remaining large blue box and continue moving forwards.

Break the four red boxes in the next area as quickly as possible before making your way up the hill. You should find another three red boxes in plain sight as you do so and a fourth hidden behind a large blue box at the very top. If you’ve made it this far you should already have at least 30,000 points, but, if not, make your way back down and destroy any boxes you see on the way.

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