Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Price Has Been Hidden On Epic Game Store Following Backlash

Epic has hidden the price for Final Fantasy 7 Remake on the Epic Games Store following the massive backlash.

One of the biggest reveals at The Game Awards 2021 was that Final Fantasy 7 Remake is finally being ported over to the PC. One initial catch to that announcement was that it is exclusive to the Epic Games Store, similarly to Kingdom Hearts. Epic Games Store users quickly noticed another catch – Final Fantasy 7 Remake is being priced at $70.

This quickly caused backlash from gamers, who pointed out how expensive it was compared to other triple-A releases on the service and on PC as a whole. It was also considered expensive for a two-year-old game with no further enhancements than what was made in the Intergrade expansion.

In response to this, Epic Games has hidden the price of Final Fantasy 7 Remake on the Epic Games Store. Heading over to the game's page shows that the price has been completely removed and replaced with a notice that it is "coming soon". Gamers quickly noticed the change and started posting it on Twitter.

It's not entirely clear why Epic has hidden the price from its store page at the moment. It faced similar backlash when the pricing was revealed for the Kingdom Hearts games but didn't have to hide the pricing then. It's possible that it's reconsidering the pricing for Final Fantasy 7 Remake after the backlash, but that doesn't seem likely considering how previous Square Enix titles have been priced.

It's worth noting that Epic hasn't hidden the price for Forspoken, which still sits at $70 at the time of writing. Although gamers were slightly less annoyed by Forspoken's price considering it's a brand new title, it faced a similar level of backlash. The fact that the pricing remains on the game's page implies that the $70 price tag isn't going to change for newer titles, although the removal from Final Fantasy 7 Remake's page implies that might change.

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