Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 may contain iconic scene

*Warning: Story contains Final Fantasy 7 spoilers*

A comment from one of Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s mocap actors suggests a major scene from the original game will be included in Part 2.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake was a very successful reinvention of the original PlayStation classic, but it was also only the first instalment.

Part 2 is thankfully already in development, though fans may still have to wait another two years for the continuation.

How much of the original game’s story will be covered is completely unknown, but fans may already have an idea of one scene in particular that will be included, courtesy of one of the game’s motion capture actors.

Anyone remotely familiar with Final Fantasy 7’s story and characters has most likely already figured out what this could mean for Part 2 but if you aren’t and don’t wish to be spoiled, we advise you stop reading now, as we will be discussing major spoilers from the original game.


At one point in Final Fantasy 7, Aerith leaves the party and heads for a place called the Forgotten City, in order to stop Sephiroth on her own.

Main character Cloud and the rest of the party follow after her and, though they manage to find her, she is suddenly and tragically killed by Sephiroth.

Her death is possibly the most iconic scene in Final Fantasy 7 and it’s something fans are dreading to witness again in the remake.

If this scene is indeed in Part 2, then that gives fans an idea of what other story sections and locations can be expected too, including the Gold Saucer (a casino-like area full of minigames) and Cloud’s hometown of Nibelheim.

However, considering Part 1 included new elements and even changed some things from the original game, it’s entirely possible that what Yoshikawa is referring to is an entirely new scene involving Aerith and Sephiroth.

If true, it could certainly make for an interesting character dynamic, as the two barely interacted with each other in the original game.

It could also mean that the infamous scene may not be included in Part 2 at all and is being saved for a third instalment, unless Square Enix intend to change the order of the events and have it occur earlier in the story.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is available on the PlayStation 4.

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