Final Fantasy 7 Remake Mod Makes Cloud Reach His Joker Moment

After almost two years of PlayStation exclusivity, Final Fantasy 7 Remake arrived on PC in December 2021. That means two pretty big things. The first, and most important, is that more players can play the game and explore the reimagined Midgar. Not far behind is the ability to mod the game to within an inch of its life, and the modding community has been doing some impressive and also pretty hilarious stuff with FF7 Remake.

That latter category now includes a mod that turns Cloud into Joker. Not Joker from the Persona series, but The Clown Prince Of Crime from Gotham City. More specifically Joaquin Phoenix's take on the iconic villain. As you can see in the shot of the make-up-clad Cloud below, the protagonist has the same blue diamonds around his eyes as Phoenix's Joker.

The mod is available now through Nexus Mods and joins a number of others that allow you to make FF7 Remake's characters a little more colorful. Well, actually, giving Cloud a Joker makeover might actually make things a little darker. His face might be brighter, but Phoenix's Joker is far from an upbeat guy. Cloud is tasked with running around a pretty chaotic world trying to stop a corporation from sucking stuff out of the middle of the planet. It makes sense that he would have a little Joker pulled out of him eventually.

Joker paint coupled with a little green hair dye isn't the only way you can alter Cloud's appearance thanks to FF7 Remake's new mods. Another makes Cloud look like Jospeh Jostar, and another pops the lead character in his Honey Bee Inn dress for the entire game. There's also a mod that turns Sephiroth into a red-haired clown. That combined with a Joker Cloud would give a very different feel to certain parts of the game.

While the mods have been worth celebrating, the launch of FF7 Remake on PC overall was a little disappointing. The quality of the port has been criticized, and outside of turning characters into clowns, modders have been going about fixing parts of the games where devs have arguably fallen short.

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