Final Fantasy 16’s New ‘Ambition’ Trailer Shows Off Boss Fight

As promised, Square Enix has finally unveiled the world of Final Fantasy 16 in an extensive new trailer.

Final Fantasy 16 will take place in the world of Valisthea, which is slowly dying from a mysterious blight. No magic or even life can survive in the desert wastes of the blight, which leads the world's survivors to flock to the Mothercrystals for protection. These Mothercrystals appear to be the centers of five great nations: the Grand Duchy of Rosaria, the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, the Dhalmekian Republic, the Iron Kingdom, and the Kingdom of Waloed. When Sanbreque invades Rosaria, it touches off a great conflict that threatens to extinquish what little life remains in Valisthea.

Although few were named, each nation seems to be led by a powerful figure that possesses the ability to summon "beasts of great might," turning themselves into elemental weapons. One has the power of ice, while another gains the speed of lighting. Then there's someone summoning flames and another that basically becomes a giant crystal monster.

And speaking of monsters, the brief combat footage showed off in the trailer could be some of Final Fantasy 16's boss fights, including one against a giant bird-faced demon and another that might be a new version of Behemoth. We'll have to wait for more trailers to find out.

"The flames of war spread as Valisthea enters an age of twilight," writes Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida. "Where will fate lead the Dominants and what future awaits the realm at the end of this bitter conflict? There are still many more questions to be answered, many more truths to be uncovered."

Yoshida went on to say that Final Fantasy 16 has "entered the home stretch" of development and is currently working on "debugging, tweaking, polishing, and optimization." Expect to see more in the coming weeks in the form of interviews and more info dumps. Final Fantasy 16 is scheduled to arrive in the summer of 2023.

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