Final Fantasy 16 Will Be A PS5 Exclusive For Six Months

PlayStation's new ad flaunts everything there is to love about the PS5 in preparation for God of War Ragnarok's launch this week. Another look at Final Fantasy 16 is tucked in there too, and with it the reveal of how long PS5 owners will have it all to themselves.

A number of the games featured in the new ad include small print which is quite hard to read. Confirmation that Ragnarok launches on November 9, and notes about various games' 3D audio capabilities. When the brief glimpse of Final Fantasy 16 pops up, the small print reveals it will be exclusive to PS5 for its first six months.

When those six months will begin remains unclear. Square Enix claims Final Fantasy 16 will be here by summer 2023. The studio appears to be on track to achieve that, confirming the game is 95 percent complete. That's a big window though, and one Square will likely be aiming to hit the front end of. Launch the game in May of next year, and that presumably means it can roll out onto other platforms in time for the holidays.

As for where it will launch after that period, the next stop will likely be PC. Precedent in the form of Final Fantasy 7 Remake would certainly suggest that. Remake was a PlayStation exclusive for its first 18 months, a timeline that was extended thanks to Intergrade, and while it is now available on PC, it still hasn't launched on Xbox. Not a good sign for Xbox owners eagerly awaiting Final Fantasy 16's arrival.

Despite its launch still being well over six months away, at best, Final Fantasy 16 has been making headlines for a number of reasons recently. It has already been confirmed that its story will take roughly 40 hours to complete, and that the game isn't connected to Final Fantasy 14. Producer Naoki Yoshida also caused something of a stir last week when he attempted to explain why there will be so few people of color in the next Final Fantasy game.

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