Final Fantasy 14: Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum (Hard) Dungeon Guide

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Saint Mocianne's Arboretum (Hard) is a level 70 dungeon in Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood. This optional dungeon was originally added in patch 4.4, and will have you and your allies delving into the dirty ruins of Saint Mocianne's Arboretum.

You're probably going to want to take a shower after this dungeon; slime, dirt, mud and feces are just a few of the wonderful things you'll have to deal with in the Arboretum. Let's take a look at each of the bosses of this dungeon, their attacks and mechanics, and how to beat them.

How To Unlock Saint Mocianne's Arboretum (Hard)

The Hard version of Saint Mocianne's Arboretum is unlocked through the following side quest.

  • Accept the quest 'Secret of the Ooze'
    • NPC Location: Sawney – Rhalgr's Reach (X:11.7, Y:11.9)

    Additionally, you'll also need to have completed the original dungeon, which is unlocked through the quest 'An Overgrown Ambition'.

    Dungeon Walkthrough

    In the first section of this dungeon, there are a few different things you'll need to watch out for. First, certain enemies can apply the Sludge debuff, dealing damage over time. This debuff can be dispelled by Esuna. Second, certain enemies will be covered in mud, granting them the Muddy buff, which reduces damage taken. While you can't do anything about this right now, this mechanic will come into play later in the dungeon.

    The Withered Belladonna enemies in the first section will use a Gaze attack, which all players should turn away from to avoid.

    After the first boss, you will encounter Blooming Biloko enemies, who will cast the attack Roly poly. This attack is a large AoE that turns all players and enemies in the area into Korpokkurs. Players that are turned into Korpokkurs will be unable to attack, while enemies will only have access to basic auto attacks. Avoid the large transfiguration AoE to avoid becoming a Korpokkur.

    In the section of the dungeon between the second and third bosses is where you'll be able to do something about the Muddy buff. Here you'll find water valves on the walls that you can activate to release a wave of water onto the field, cleaning the Muddy enemies of their dirt and removing the buff. Make use of these valves to remove the debuff and defeat the enemies faster.


    The first boss of Saint Mocianne's Arboretum (Hard) is Nullchu, whose attacks and mechanics are listed below.

    • Odious Air: A wide cone AoE to the front of the boss. Move behind or far enough out of the AoE indicator to avoid.
    • Vine Whip: Deals high damage to the Tank. Use defensive cooldowns as necessary.
    • Rafflesia Add: This untargetable add will periodically spawn and target two players, launching poisonous puddles beneath them that deal damage over time and inflict the Leaden debuff. Move out of the poison puddles to avoid taking damage and getting debuffed.
    • Fault Warren: Targets a random player with a stack marker. Group up on the affected player to spread out the damage of this attack.

    • Devour: Nullchu will leap towards the Rafflesia add and devour it before turning around and casting a large 180 degree AoE to its front, dealing damage and inflicting Poison. To avoid this attack, move towards the Rafflesia when it spawns, allowing you to be closer to the area the boss will leap to and giving you more time to run out of the AoE.
    • Taproot: Targets all players with AoE circles. Spread out to avoid overlapping these with other players.

    Nullchu will repeat these attacks until it is defeated. This boss is pretty straightforward, but try to stay close to the Rafflesia before Nullchu uses Devour to be able to avoid the large AoE in time.


    The second boss of this dungeon is Lakhamu. Shortly after the fight begins, Lakhamu will cover the edge of the arena in thorns that inflict the Bleed debuff, dealing damage over time, and the vulnerability up debuff, increasing damage taken. Throughout the fight, avoid moving into the edge of the arena.

    • Stone II: Deals high damage to the Tank. Use defensive abilities to mitigate.
    • Tectonics: Deals damage to all party members. The Healer should use AoE heals to restore the party's health.

    • Landslip: The arena will be split into four horizontal segments with arrows flashing in certain directions, indicating that the sand will shift in that direction, moving players along it. At the same time, Silt Golems will spawn around the edges of the arena and begin charging large line AoEs. You will need to position yourself so that you are pushed out of the line AoEs while also avoiding entering the edge of the arena.
      • Subsequent uses of this attack will cause Silt Golems to spawn on multiple edges of the arena, creating situations where entire horizontal lanes will be unsafe. Move accordingly to avoid taking damage.
    • Earthquake: A series of two AoE attacks. The first is a large pointblank AoE surrounding the boss, followed immediately by a large ring AoE around the edge of the pointblank AoE. Stay close to the edge of the first AoE to avoid it, then quickly move inside the previously unsafe area to avoid the second AoE.
    • Earth Shaker: Two players will be targeted with a line AoE. Spread out from each other and other players to avoid overlapping this damage.
    • Empty Gaze: Lakhamu will begin charging a Gaze attack that inflicts Hysteria, forcing you to run uncontrollably around the arena. To avoid this, turn your back to the boss when the glowing red eye appears on her.
    • Lakhamu will repeat these attacks until she is defeated. Pay close attention and move carefully during Landslip, as the Silt Golem's AoEs can deal heavy damage.


      The final boss of Saint Mocianne's Arboretum (Hard) is Tokkapchi. This fight will take place in a circular arena with four smaller circular platforms on a grate over muddy water. Tokkapchi's attacks and mechanics are detailed below.

      • Mudsling: Deals high damage to the Tank. Mitigate this damage with defensive abilities.
      • Quickmire: The area under the grate will begin glowing before shooting up muddy water, dealing damage and knocking players into the air. To avoid this, move to one of the four circular platforms around the arena.
      • Quagmire: Targets players with an AoE circle. If this lands near one of the safe platforms, it will leave behind a poison puddle that deals damage over time and inflicts debuffs, limiting the number of safe platforms that you can use to avoid Quickmire. To get around this, stand away from the platforms until Quagmire resolves.

      • Mud Pie: A Mud Slime enemy will appear on the platform. This enemy can be attacked, but its health will not be reduced. Instead, attacking the Mud Slime will knock it back, allowing you to push it around the arena. If the Mud Slime is hit by any of the Boss's AoEs or by Quickmire, it will grow in size, making its following use of Corrupture more powerful. You will need to knock the Slime around the arena to prevent it from being hit by AoE attacks and growing bigger.
        • Corrupture: The Mud Slime will use this after a set amount of time, or immediately after it grows in size. If the Slime has not grown, it will deal low damage in a small area around the Slime. If the Slime has grown, it will deal high damage and inflict debuffs in a large area around the Slime.
        • The boss will sometimes additionally summon Muddy Dorpokkur adds. These are weak enemies that only serve to distract you from the Mud Slime. Deal with them as necessary.
      • Feculent Flood: A large cone AoE in the direction of the Mud Slime. Knock the Slime out of the AoE indicator to prevent it from growing.
      • Bog Bequest: A large ring-shaped AoE. Move out of the AoE indicator to avoid, and be sure to knock the Slime out of the AoE.
      • Tokkapchi will repeat these attacks until it is defeated. As the fight progresses, it will use Quickmire more frequently. Work with your allies to push the Mud Slime around the arena and prevent it from growing. After defeating Tokkapchi, Saint Mocianne's Arboretum (Hard) will be complete.

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