Final Fantasy 14 Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties Due To DDoS Attack

Final Fantasy 14 is currently experiencing technical issues due to a suspected DDoS attack, causing a number of issues for North American players, primarily lengthy login queues as players struggle to connect.

The DDoS attack was revealed by the Final Fantasy 14 website, which details problems that North American users may experience when trying to login to the game at the moment. According to Square Enix, players may experience being disconnected from NA data center Worlds, problems logging in, or difficulty receiving and sending data.

Square Enix explains that it's currently investiagting the attack and is taking countermeasures. If you're one of the many currently struggling to login at the moment, you'll probably want to keep one eye on the website as Square Enix also explains it will provide additional information as the situation develops. Final Fantasy 14 players outside of North America seem to be unaffected at the moment.

It's unknown as to how long Final Fantasy 14 will be experiencing issues like this as Square Enix doesn't provide a time, but considering it's a DDoS attack it may be a while before things get back to normal. For now, it's probably just worth keeping an eye on the Square Enix website for any changes and you might want to chance your luck at logging in at it seems not everyone in North America is affected by the issue.

In other more positive Final Fantasy 14 news the game recently introduced the long-awaited Shiba Inu mount and it is absolutely adorable. Officially called the Megashiba, the massive fluffy mount will be able to bark, wag it's tail, and even do a sickeningly cute dance on its tippy toes. It can also fly, which is distinctly un-Shiba like. Unfortunately, this big Shiba Inu will set you back a pretty mighty $24, but surely it's worth it to ride around on a big adorable doggo.

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