Final Fantasy 14: How To Get All New Blue Mage Spells Added In Patch 5.45

Patch 5.45 dropped February 2 and it not only increased the Blue Mage level cap to 70, but it added 23 new spells for players to collect in their spell-book.

Since the patch became live, players have been exploring every corner of Eorzea and defeating enemies of all kinds to get new spells. Already the most hardcore Warriors of Light are spreading the word about how to get the various spells.

The new spells are all mostly found in Stormblood content, as that coincides with the new Blue Mage level cap.

Spells Learned From Open World Enemies

These are the easiest spells to obtain, as players can obtain these on their own without having to form a party for a dungeon, raid, or trial. This is definitely the best section of spells to start hunting down first.

Triple Trident

  • Learned from fighting Ebisu Catfish (found in Yanxia X:29, Y:6).
  • Does a threefold physical damage attack.


  • Also learned from fighting Ebisu Catfish in Yanxia.
  • Deals a circle of AOE lightning damage.

Base Instinct

  •  Obtained by fighting Master Coeurl (found in Upper La Noscea X:8, Y:21).
  • A 15 second buff that increases speed, damage, and healing magic potency.


  • Learned from fighting Kongamato (found in The Peaks X:11, Y: 25).
  • Kills all enemies afflicted with Deep Freeze or Petrification. However, has no effect on enemies whose level is higher than the players.

Aetherial Spark

  •  Obtained by fighting Salt Dhruva (found in The Lochs X:22, Y:22)
  • Deals damage to enemies in a straight line. Has additional damage over time effect for 15 seconds.

Choco Meteor

  •  Learned from fighting a Courser Chocobo (found in the Dravinian Forelands X:34, Y28).
  • Performs an eightfold attack. (Damage increases if player is in a party with their chocobo companion).

Spells Learned From Light Party Dungeons

Players can go though these dungeons alone and un-synchronize their level or they can tackle it in a party with three friends. Just be sure to go in as a Blue Mage to learn the spell. This could take a could dungeon run-throughs, so it is recommended to go in with three Blue Mages and a level 80 or level synchronized DPS or healer to help carry the team.

Tatami Gaeshi

  •  Learned in the dungeon, Kugane Castle, by fighting the second boss.
  • Deals damage to enemies in a straight line and stuns them for three seconds.

Cold Fog

  • Obtained by the final boss of The Burn.
  • On its own, does nothing. But if the player is hit in the five seconds after this spell is cast, it deals a lot of ice damage to the enemy.

Feculent Flood

  • Learned by the final boss of Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum (Hard), Tokkapchi. (Note, uses the attack late in the fight).
  • Deals earth damage in a straight line with its potency decreasing after the first enemy hit.

Chelonian Gate

  • Obtained by the final boss of Hell’s Lid, Genbu.
  • Reduces damage taken for 10 seconds. After taking a certain amount of damage, Chelonian Gate turns to an attack called Divine Cataract which deals water damage to all nearby enemies.

The Rose of Destruction

  •  Learned from the final boss of the Temple of the Fist, Ivon Coeurlfist. (Note, this attack is used very late in the fight).
  • Deals a straight line of AOE damage with a 10-yalm knockback.

Hydro Pull

  • Obtained by the first boss in The Drowned City of Skalla, the Kelpie.
  • Draws in enemies and deals water damage to all nearby.

Malediction of Water

  • Learned in the Swallow’s Compass by Sai Taisui, which is an enemy faced before the second boss.
  • Performs a 10-yalm knockback to enemies and deals a straight line of water damage.

Both Ends

  • Another spell learned in the Swallow’s Compass, except this one is dealt by the final boss: Qitian Dasheng.
  • Deals a lot of damage to nearby enemies.

Spells Learned From Full Party Bosses

Blue Mages that seek these spells will likely need more than just four players to help them out. Full parties are eight players, but Blue Mages can whittle that number down due to their many abilities. However, it is recommended to have a healer that can raise fallen players because fallen players will not learn the spell once the boss is beaten.


  • Learned by fighting Lakshmi in the trial, Emenation.
  • Deals damage to all nearby enemies while also healing the player and nearby party members.

Saintly Beam

  • Obtained by the Phantom Train in Sigmascape 1.0.
  • Deals damage to an enemy and all other enemies near it, does a lot of damage if enemy is undead.


  •  Learned from Alte Riote in Deltascape 1.0.
  • Deals ice damage to a target and enemies nearby it.

Mustard Bomb

  • Received from Omega in Alphascape V3.0.
  • Deals fire damage to a target and all enemies near it. Additional effect includes damage over time for 15 seconds.

Peripheral Synthesis

  • Like Mustard Bomb, this spell is also obtained from fighting Omega in Alphascape V3.0.
  • Deals physical damage to enemies in a straight line. Additional effect includes Lightheaded on enemies for five seconds. Attack should be repeated, as it does additional damage to enemies with the Lightheaded status (though they will become immune to Lightheaded after a couple repeats).

Phantom Flurry

  • Learned from Suzaku in Hell’s Kier.
  • Deals out damage over time for five seconds in a cone in front of the player. Like Peripheral Synthesis, this attack does even more damage if used a second time.


  • Obtained from Tsukiyomi in Castrum Fluminus.
  • Does damage to all nearby enemies with an additional effect of damage over time for 60 seconds.

Spells Learned From Achievements

These spells are debatably the most difficult to get, as they require certain achievements within the status of a Blue Mage to get. However, one of them is a spell that can raise players from the dead, which is incredibly useful and can make a Blue Mage a full-on healer.

Angel’s Snack

  • Can be bought with a Whalaqee Angel Whisper Totem, which is received after beating 30 levels of the Masked Carnivale.
  • Can resurrect a fallen player to a weakened state.

Dragon Force

  • Learned from the achievement of collecting 100 Blue Mage spells (there are 104 in total)
  • Reduces damage taken for 15 seconds.

Matra Magic

  • Like Dragon Force, this spell is learned once 100 Blue Mage spells are collected.
  • Deals out an eightfold attack.

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