Final Fantasy 14: How To Change The Color Of Your Chocobo

Final Fantasy 14 allows players to have their very own Chocobo mount once they hit level 20, at which point they can complete the “My Little Chocobo” sidequest given by one of the officers in their home city-state. Additionally, at level 30, players can then summon their Chocobo into battle to help them vanquish enemies by completing the level 30 sidequest “My Feisty Little Chocobo”, given by Docette in the South Shroud at (X:17, Y:28).

As with most things, players love to customize their Chocobos to really make them their own. As well as being able to equip barding to your Chocobo to give it a new look, players can also change the color of their Chocobo by feeding it different foods. If you’re looking to give your Chocobo a nice new shade, we’ve got it all covered for you just below!

How to Change Your Chocobo’s Color

In order to change your Chocobo’s color, you’ll need to stable it at your house, either a personal one or a Free Company one. Stables can be bought from the Housing Merchants for 125,000 Gil, and they are an outdoor item so you’ll need enough space for one in your garden area. The NPCs who sell these can be found at any of the following locations:

  • Mist (X10.8, Y11.5)
  • The Lavender Beds (X11.7, Y8.3)
  • The Goblet (X11.4, Y9.4)

Once your Chocobo is safely stabled, you will be able to feed it snacks by choosing the “Tend to My Chocobo” option. As soon as you have fed it its first snack, you only have a window of six hours to complete feeding it snacks to get your desired color. After the six hours has passed, and provided the snacks have met the color change requirement, the plumage of your Chocobo will be a different color.

Colors are worked out by RGB values, and each snack you feed your Chocobo has its own RGB value. Your Chocobo’s default coloration is Desert Yellow, which has an RGB value of 216/180/87. As you feed it snacks, these values will change to reflect what you are feeding it, and after six hours it will change to the color that closest fits the RGB values of your Chocobo after it has eaten. This means you don’t need to get the color values you want to be absolutely perfect, just close enough.

Additionally, if you have already changed your Chocobo’s coloration and want to reset it back to Desert Yellow, you can simply feed it a Han Lemon to do so. If you make a mistake when feeding, remove your Chocobo from the stable and the change won’t take effect. If you still want to change the color of your mount, you’ll have to stable your Chocobo once more and begin the feeding process again, which also resets the six-hour timer too.

It is important to alternate between the snacks you are feeding your Chocobo, so you do not accidentally max out an RGB value, as if an RGB value reaches over 255 or goes below 0 then the color change will fail.

Available Snacks

There are seven snacks in total including the Han Lemon to revert your Chocobo back to default. All of these snacks can be obtained from Gardening, or alternatively, you can simply purchase them from the Market Board, under the Miscellany category.

  • Xelphatol Apple (RGB: +5/-5/-5) — Deepens red hue, reduces blue and green hues.
  • Doman Plum (RGB: -5/+5/+5) — Deepens blue and green hues, reduces red hue.
  • Mamook Pear (RGB: -5/+5/-5) — Deepens green hue, reduces blue and red hues.
  • Valfruit (RGB: +5/-5/+5) — Deepens blue and red hues, reduces green hue.
  • O’Ghomoro Berries (RGB: -5/-5/+5) — Deepens blue hue, reduces red and green hues.
  • Cieldalaes Pineapple (RGB: +5/+5/-5) — Deepens green and red hues, reduces blue hue.
  • Han Lemon — Restores default Desert Yellow coloration. (RGB: +5/-5/-5)

Colour Recipes

If you’re after a particular color for your Chocobo companion, we’ve got all the recipes for each one just below, detailing how many of each fruit you need to feed it in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Remember this is based on your Chocobo being Desert Yellow when you begin, and you need to alternate the food you are feeding so as not to max out any RGB values by mistake.

  • Bone White (RGB: 235/211/160) Doman Plum x10, Valfruit x9, Cieldalaes Pineapple x5
  • Snow White (RGB: 228/223/208) — Doman Plum x16, Cieldalaes Pineapple x5, Valfruit x13
  • Ash Grey (RGB: 172/168/162) — O’Ghomoro Berries x7, Valfruit x3, Doman Plum x7
  • Goobbue Grey (RGB: 137/135/132) — O’Ghomoro Berries x13 Mamook Pear x3
  • Slate Grey (RGB: 101/101/101) — O’Ghomoro Berries x20, Xelphatol Apple x7, Mamook Pear x11
  • Charcoal Grey (RGB: 72/71/66) — O’Ghomoro Berries x26, Xelphatol Apple x13, Mamook Pear x17
  • Soot Black (RGB: 43/41/35) — O’Ghomoro Berries x32, Xelphatol Apple x19, Mamook Pear x23
  • Rolanberry Red (RGB: 91/23/41) — O’Ghomoro Berries x29, Xelphatol Apple x21, Mamook Pear x18
  • Dalamud Red (RGB: 120/26/26) — Xelphatol Apple x21, O’Ghomoro Berries x25, Mamook Pear x16
  • Rust Red (RGB: 98/34/7) — Xelphatol Apple x23, O’Ghomoro Berries x27, Mamook Pear x20
  • Wine Red (RGB: 69/21/17) — Xelphatol Apple x23, O’Ghomoro Berries x31, Mamook Pear x22
  • Blood Red (RGB: 145/59/48) — Mamook Pear x12, O’Ghomoro Berries x19, Xelphatol Apple x17
  • Mesa Red (RGB: 125/57/6) — Xelphatol Apple x20, O’Ghomoro Berries x21 Mamook Pear x8
  • Salmon Pink (RGB: 228/170/138) — Valfruit x6, Doman Plum x4
  • Rose Pink (RGB: 230/159/150) — O’Ghomoro Berries x1, Doman Plum x4, Valfruit x7
  • Coral Pink (RGB: 204/108/94) — Xelphatol Apple x6, O’Ghomoro Berries x9, Mamook Pear x1
  • Lotus Pink (RGB: 254/206/245) — Cieldalaes Pineapple x7, Doman Plum x19, Valfruit x20
  • Colibri Pink (RGB: 220/155/202) —  Doman Plum x9, Valfruit x12, O’Ghomoro Berries x3
  • Sunset Orange (RGB: 183/92/45) — Xelphatol Apple x13, O’Ghomoro Berries x13 Mamook Pear x8
  • Bark Brown (RGB: 106/75/55) — Xelphatol Apple x14, O’Ghomoro Berries x22, Mamook Pear x14
  • Chocolate Brown (RGB: 110/61/36) — Xelphatol Apple x3, O’Ghomoro Berries x3, Mamook Pear x16
  • Russet Brown (RGB: 79/45/31) — Xelphatol Apple x20, O’Ghomoro Berries x28, Mamook Pear x20
  • Kobold Brown (RGB: 48/33/27) — Xelphatol Apple x21, O’Ghomoro Berries x32, Mamook Pear x23
  • Cork Brown (RGB: 201/145/86) — Xelphatol Apple x4, O’Ghomoro Berries x6, Mamook Pear x2
  • Qiqirn Brown (RGB: 153/110/63) — Xelphatol Apple x9, O’Ghomoro Berries x14, Mamook Pear x9
  • Opo-Opo Brown (RGB: 123/92/45) — Xelphatol Apple x13, O’Ghomoro Berries x19, Mamook Pear x14
  • Aldgoat Brown (RGB: 162/135/92) — O’Ghomoro Berries x10, Mamook Pear x5, Xelphatol Apple x4
  • Pumpkin Orange (RGB: 197/116/36) — Xelphatol Apple x11, O’Ghomoro Berries x8, Mamook Pear x7
  • Acorn Brown (RGB: 142/88/27) — Xelphatol Apple x15, O’Ghomoro Berries x17, Mamook Pear x14
  • Orchard Brown (RGB: 100/66/22) — Xelphatol Apple x18, O’Ghomoro Berries x23, Mamook Pear x19
  • Chesnut Brown (RGB: 61/41/13) —  Xelphatol Apple x21, O’Ghomoro Berries x30, Mamook Pear x23
  • Gobbiebag Brown (RGB: 185/164/137) — O’Ghomoro Berries x5, Valfruit x2, Doman Plum x3
  • Shale Brown (RGB: 146/129/108) — O’Ghomoro Berries x12, Mamook Pear x12, Xelphatol Apple x3
  • Mole Brown (RGB: 97/82/69) — Xelphatol Apple x12, O’Ghomoro Berries x22, Mamook Pear x14
  • Loam Brown (RGB: 63/51/41) — O’Ghomoro Berries x29, Mamook Pear x21, Xelphatol Apple x18
  • UI Brown (RGB: 183/163/112) — O’Ghomoro Berries x5, Doman Plum x1, Mamook Pear x1
  • Raisin Brown (RGB: 64/51/17) — Xelphatol Apple x20, O’Ghomoro Berries x29, Mamook Pear x23
  • Desert Yellow (Default) (RGB: 219/180/87) — Han Lemon x1
  • Honey Yellow (RGB: 250/198/43) — Cieldalaes Pineapple x5, Xelphatol Apple x2, Mamook Pear x1
  • Millioncorn Yellow (RGB: 228/158/52) — Xelphatol Apple x6, Mamook Pear x3, O’Ghomoro Berries x1
  • Coeurl Yellow (RGB: 188/136/4) — Mamook Pear x11, Xelphatol Apple x12, O’Ghomoro Berries x7
  • Cream Yellow (RGB: 242/215/112) — Doman Plum x6, Cieldalaes Pineapple x6, Valfruit x5
  • Halatali Yellow (RGB: 165/132/48) — Xelphatol Apples x9, Mamook Pears x9, O’Ghomoro Berries x10
  • Mud Green (RGB: 88/82/48) — Xelphatol Apple x14, O’Ghomoro Berries x23, Mamook Pear x17
  • Sylph Green )RGB: 187/187/138) — Doman Plum x6, O’Ghomoro Berries x2, Valfruit x2
  • Lime Green (RGB: 171/176/84) — Mamook Pear x5, O’Ghomoro Berries x5
  • Moss Green (RGB: 112/115/38) —  Xelphatol Apple x12, Mamook Pear x16, O’Ghomoro Berries x18
  • Meadow Green (RGB: 139/156/99) — Xelphatol Apple x7, O’Ghomoro Berries x10, Mamook Pear x7
  • Olive Green (RGB: 75/82/50) — Xelphatol Apple x14, O’Ghomoro Berries x24, Mamook Pear x18
  • Marsh Green (RGB: 50/54/33) — Xelphatol Apple x18, O’Ghomoro Berries x30, Mamook Pear x22
  • Apple Green (RGB: 149/174/92) — Doman Plum x1, O’Ghomoro Berries x6, Mamook Pear x5
  • Cactuar Green (RGB: 101/130/65) — Xelphatol Apple x7, Mamook Pear x14, O’Ghomoro Berries x17
  • Hunter Green (RGB: 40/75/38) — O’Ghomoro Berries x29, Xelphatol Apple x15, Mamook Pear x22
  • Ochu Green (RGB: 64/99/57) — Xelphatol Apple x11, O’Ghomoro Berries x24, Mamook Pear x19
  • Adamantoise Green (RGB: 95/117/88) — Xelphatol Apple x6, O’Ghomoro Berries x18, Mamook Pear x12
  • Nophica Green (RGB: 59/77/60) — Xelphatol Apple x13, O’Ghomoro Berries x26, Mamook Pear x19
  • Deepwood Green (RGB: 30/42/33) — Xelphatol Apple x19, O’Ghomoro Berries x33, Mamook Pear x24
  • Celeste Green (RGB: 150/189/185) — Doman Plum x11, Valfruit x3, O’Ghomoro Berries X6
  • Turquoise Green (RGB: 67/114/144) — Xelphatol Apple x4, O’Ghomoro Berries x22, Mamook Pear x12
  • Morbol Green (RGB: 31/70/70) —  Xelphatol Apple x13, O’Ghomoro Berries x30, Mamook Pear x21
  • Ice Blue (RGB: 178/196/206) — Doman Plum x14, Valfruit x8, O’Ghomoro Berries x2
  • Sky Blue (RGB: 131/176/210) — O’Ghomoro Berries x9, Valfruit x3, Doman Plum x12
  • Seafog Blue (RGB: 100/129/160) — O’Ghomoro Berries x17, Mamook Pear x5, Doman Plum x2
  • Peacock Blue (RGB: 59/104/134) — Xelphatol Apple x3, O’Ghomoro Berries x24, Mamook Pear x11
  • Rhotano Blue (RGB: 28/61/84) — Xelphatol Apple x12, O’Ghomoro Berries x31, Mamook Pear x19
  • Corpse Blue (RGB: 142/155/172) — Valfruit x1, Doman Plum x6, O’Ghomoro Berries X10
  • Ceruleam Blue (RGB: 79/87/102) — Xelphatol Apple x7, O’Ghomoro Berries x23, Mamook Pear x12
  • Woad Blue (RGB: 47/56/81) — Xelphatol Apple x14, O’Ghomoro Berries x29, Mamook Pear x18
  • Ink Blue (RGB: 26/31/39) — O’Ghomoro Berries x34, Xelphatol Apple x20, Mamook Pear x24
  • Raptor Blue (RGB: 91/127/192) —  O’Ghomoro Berries x15, Doman Plum x6, Mamook Pear x2
  • Othard Blue (RGB: 47/88/137) — O’Ghomoro Berries x26, Xelphatol Apple x4, Mamook Pear x12
  • Storm Blue (RGB: 35/65/114) —  Xelphatol Apple x10, O’Ghomoro Berries x30, Mamook Pear x17
  • Void Blue (RGB: 17/41/68) — Xelphatol Apple x16, O’Ghomoro Berries x34, Mamook Pear x22
  • Royal Blue (RGB: 39/48/103) — Xelphatol Apple x11, O’Ghomoro Berries x31, Mamook Pear x16
  • Midnight Blue (RGB: 24/25/55) — Xelphatol Apple x19, O’Ghomoro Berries x36, Mamook Pear x23
  • Shadow Blue (RGB: 55/55/71) — Xelphatol Apple x14, O’Ghomoro Berries x29, Mamook Pear x18
  • Abyssal Blue (RGB: 49/45/87) — Xelphatol Apple x14, O’Ghomoro Berries x31, Mamook Pear x17
  • Lilac Purple (RGB: 131/105/105) — O’Ghomoro Berries x17, Xelphatol Apple x6, Mamook Pear x7
  • Lavender Purple (RGB: 135/127/174) — Valfruit x1, O’Ghomoro Berries x13, Doman Plum x4
  • Gloom Purple (RGB: 81/69/96) — Xelphatol Apple x10, O’Ghomoro Berries x58, Mamook Pear x13
  • Currant Purple (RGB: 50/44/59) — Xelphatol Apple x17, O’Ghomoro Berries x31, Mamook Pear x20
  • Iris Purple (RGB: 183/158/188) — Valfruit x6, O’Ghomoro Berries x6, Doman Plum x8
  • Grape Purple (RGB: 59/42/61) — Xelphatol Apple x17, O’Ghomoro Berries x30, Mamook Pear x19
  • Plum Purple (RGB: 121/82/108) — Xelphatol Apple x8, O’Ghomoro Berries x20, Mamook Pear x8
  • Regal Purple (RGB: 102/48/78) — Xelphatol Apple x14, O’Ghomoro Berries x25, Mamook Pear x13

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