Final Fantasy 14 Fan Visualizes Over 30,000 Players’ Movements In New P5S Raid

Final Fantasy 14 received its 6.2 update, Buried Memory, a few weeks ago, bringing the new Island Sanctuary as well as the new Pandaemonium: Abyssos raid. And just last week, Square Enix rolled out the Savage version of the Abyssos raid, with raid group Eis Renard taking 31 hours to beat.

In the days after that world first clear, know-how on how to beat its many challenges was disseminated among the community, and now the Pandaemonium: Abyssos (Savage) raid can take anywhere from five to 10 hours, depending on the skill and potency of the team. We know that thanks to FFXIV Raid Data, a Twitter account which shares player logs of Final Fantasy 14 raids.

More than that, FFXIV Raid Data also shared an animated graph of where players are positioned during the raid and how much damage they took and. Total player counts are shown in the lower left corner, noting how many players are dead and how many are still a going concern. Each dancing point represents a player color-coded to how much damage they’ve taken.

As anyone who’s played Final Fantasy XIV knows, the endurance challenges these raids turn into also require frequent position changes, but seeing those positional changes from above reveals the beautiful designs players make as they reposition. It also reveals the most challenging moments of the raid as the design flashes red as players die off.

After the halfway point, the design becomes somewhat less synchronized due to the jumping challenge, which will cause player positions to become desynced depending on whether they succeed or fail.

In case you missed it, update 6.2 also brought a curious conclusion to the housing lottery glitch from earlier this year. Some players saw their bids returned in addition to winning a new house, which made a few players doubly lucky. Rather than just take the refunded gil, players were asked to donate their bids in return for some in-game cosmetics.

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