Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker – The Tower Of Babil Dungeon Guide

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The Tower of Babil is a level 83 dungeon, and the second dungeon of Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker. Enter the Telophoroi's main tower and destroy it from within as you attempt to free the people of Garlemald.

The Tower of Babil is the second Telophoroi tower you will venture into, but don't expect a repeat of your first delve into these dark halls. You will face difficult enemies in the depths of this dungeon, so prepare accordingly. Let's go over each boss you'll fight inside the Tower of Babil, and how you can beat them.

How To Unlock The Tower Of Babil

The Tower of Babil unlocks through the following quest.

  • Accept the Main Scenario Quest 'Gateway of the Gods'
    • NPC Location: Lucia – Camp Broken Glass, Garlemald (x:14.0, y:29.5)

    Dungeon Walkthrough

    As you progress through the Tower of Babil, you will move from the ruins of Garlemald into the tower itself. You'll need to fight various tempered and Telophoroi enemies throughout the dungeon. Stay close to your allies and be on the lookout for treasure coffers as you make your way through the Tower of Babil.


    The first boss of the Tower of Babil is Barnabas, whose main mechanic is the ability to grant players a magnetic polarity. He will use this mechanic for various attacks. Remember that opposite polarity attracts and the same polarity repels. Barnabas will also create a ring around the edge of the arena that will damage players who enter it. Listed below are each of his attacks and mechanics.

    • Ground and Pound: Barnabas will turn to a random player and begin charging this attack. Ground and Pound is a line AoE that will not display an AoE marker until right before the cast is finished, so watch the boss's position to avoid being hit by this attack.
    • Dynamic Scrapline: Barnabas tethers all players to himself and grants everyone a polarity. Depending on polarities, you will either be pushed away or pulled towards the boss. At the same time, he will begin charging a point-blank AoE on himself. If you have an opposite polarity from the boss, you will be pulled towards him. Move back far enough to avoid being pulled into the AoE. Similarly, be sure not to be knocked into the ring around the edge of the arena.
    • Shocking Force: Targets a random player and places a stack marker on them. Group up on the marked player to spread out the damage of this attack.

    • Dynamic Pound: Barnabas will move to the edge of the arena and begin charging this attack, creating a line AoE down the center of the arena. At the same time, everyone will be granted a polarity. Depending on your polarity and the polarity of the line AoE, you will either be pushed away from the center of the arena, or dragged towards it. Either move close to the AoE or close to the edge of the arena to be pushed or pulled into the correct position.
    • Thundercall: Barnabas will summon four thunder orbs around the arena that will eventually deal damage in a circular AoE.
    • Rolling Scrapline: This attack is a point-blank AoE that occurs at the same time as Thundercall. You will need to avoid this attack while also not getting too close to the thunder orbs.

    Barnabas will begin to repeat these attacks until he is defeated. Continue through the dungeon until you reach Lugae.


    The second boss of the Tower of Babil is Lugae. Employing Magitek explosives, you'll need to dodge a wide number of AoEs to make it through this fight. Listed below are each of Lugae's attacks.

    • Thermal Suppression: Deals damage to all party members. Use shields and heal as necessary.
    • Magitek Missile: Lugae will target a random player and launch two missiles near their location. Move out of the AoEs to dodge this attack.
    • Magitek Ray: Targets a random player and begins charging a line AoE in their direction. Move out of the AoE indicator to avoid being hit with this attack.
    • Magitek Explosive: Summons three spike balls around the arena. After a short delay, these will explode, dealing damage in a cross shape. Position yourself so that you are not directly in front of a spike ball to avoid this attack.

    Eventually, Lugae will create two squares on either side of him. The green square will turn you into a frog if you walk through it, while the purple square will minimize you, making you much smaller. These squares will be used for the following two attacks.

    • Downpour: Lugae will cover the arena in poison clouds, slowing your movement and making it impossible to breathe. At the same time, he will begin to continuously use Magitek Missile, creating AoEs around the arena. Move on the green square to turn into a frog and negating these effects, while also making you fast enough to dodge the Missile AoEs.
    • Magitek Chakram: Lugae will summon Magitek Chakrams at the edges of the arena. After a short delay, these will spin down the sides of the arena, dealing massive damage in their path. Move to the purple square to minimize yourself, allowing you to dodge the Chakrams as they pass over you. You can continue to attack while minimized.

    Lugae will repeat and overlap these attacks until he is defeated.


    The final boss of the Tower of Babil is Anima. This elder primal, created from the remains of Emporer Varis, will use debilitating attacks that will test your skills as the Warrior of Light. Listed below are each of Anima's attacks and mechanics.

    Phase 1

    • Lunar Nail: Anima will create Lunar Nails around the arena and tether them together, dividing the arena into four quadrants. Either one, two, or three of the quadrants will be entirely enclosed by the tethers, which will be important for Anima's next attack.
    • Phantom Nail: Deals damage to players inside the enclosed quadrants. Look for the corner of the arena that does not have a Lunar Nail and move there to avoid this attack.
    • Mega Graviton: Deals damage to all players and summons Mega-Graviton Orbs at the corners of the arena.
    • Pater Patriae: A line AoE down the center of the arena. Move away from the center to avoid this attack.
    • Aetherial Pull: Anima will tether all players to one of the Mega-Graviton Orbs created before. Run away from your orb until your tether turns from purple to orange, indicating that you are at a safe distance. After a short delay, the Orb will pull you towards it, dealing moderate damage to you if you hit it. If your tether is orange, you will be pulled just in front of the Orb, avoiding this attack.
    • Boundless Pain: Anima will pull all players to the center of the arena before charging this attack. Boundless Pain will deal continuous damage to players inside of it, while also expanding towards the edges of the arena. As soon as you are pulled towards the center, run to the edge of the arena to avoid taking too much damage from this attack.

    Phase 2

    At around 75 percent health remaining, Anima will cast Imperatum, damaging and stunning all players. At this point, the fight will enter phase two, and you will fight a second version of Anima with fully restored health.

    • Obliviating Claw: Anima will summon claws on either side of the arena. After a short delay, the claws will shoot forward, dealing damage in a line across the arena. The left side will activate first, shortly followed by the right side. To avoid this attack, stand between the gaps of the claws on the left side, then repeat for the right side.
    • Coffin Scratch: Marks two players with an indicator. After a short delay, circle AoEs will begin to follow them for a few seconds. The affected players should run away from the chasing circles while avoiding overlapping with each other and the other two party members.
    • Oblivion: After Anima reaches zero health, it will use this attack to deal moderate damage to all players. Use shields and AoE heals to recover. After using Oblivion, you will be sent back to the original Anima, where the fight will resume.
    • Erupting Pain: Marks all players with an AoE. Spread out to avoid overlapping these AoE circles.

    After you move back into the original arena, Anima will repeat the attacks from phase one until he is defeated, marking the end of the Tower of Babil.

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