Final Fantasy 14: Dzemael Darkhold Dungeon Guide

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Dzemael Darkhold is a level 44 optional dungeon in Final Fantasy 14. You are tasked with clearing out the Voidsent from Dzemael Darkhold, the still-under-construction keep of house Dzemael. In an excavation incident gone wrong, house Dzemael uncovered a void portal in the depths of the cave, unleashing the monsters into the area. It's up to you and three other adventurers to take clean up the cave so house Dzemael can resume construction.

Dzemael Darkhold is an optional dungeon that can be challenged with the Duty Support system, allowing you to enter the dungeon with three NPCs. There are some interesting enemies waiting for you inside the dungeon, so let's take a look at each boss you'll encounter, their attacks and mechanics, and how to beat them.

How To Unlock Dzemael Darkhold

This dungeon is unlocked through either of the following side quests.

  • Accept the side quest 'Fort of Fear'
    • NPC Location: Carrilaut – Coerthas Central Highlands (X:24.7, Y:28.8)
  • Accept the Grand Company quest 'Shadows Uncast'
    • NPC Location (Twin Adder): Vorsaile Heuloix – New Gridania (X:9.7, Y:11.1)
    • NPC Location (Immortal Flames): Swift – Ul'dah – Steps of Nald (X:8.4, Y:8.9)
    • NPC Location (Maelstrom): R'ashaht Rhiki – Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:13.1, Y:12.8)
    • You can accept the side quest 'Fort of Fear' after reaching level 44, while the Grand Company side quest 'Shadows Uncast' can be accepted after reaching level 44 and attaining the rank Sergeant First Class in your respective Grand Company.

      Dungeon Walkthrough

      Near the beginning of Dzemael Darkhold, the first boss, All-seeing Eye, will spawn and patrol the area. The boss is invulnerable in this section, and will periodically cast Eyes on Me, dealing damage in an AoE around itself. Keep an eye on the boss as its moves around this area, and be prepared to heal through this damage as you fight other enemies in the area.

      Additionally, in the first part of the dungeon, you will come across areas of glowing blue light. These light patches will grant the Crystal's Veil buff, reducing the damage you take when standing in it. Additionally, the Crystal's Veil will make the All-seeing Eye vulnerable during its boss fight, which we will take an in-depth look at later.

      Throughout the dungeon, you will find glowing blue Magitek Terminals. At least one player will need to stand in the Terminal's area to unlock the seal to the next section of the dungeon. You will need to stand on the Terminal for around 15 seconds, so be sure to take care of any enemies in the area first.

      After defeating the first boss, you will enter Dragonbreath Falls, where you will find orange Corrupted Crystals that periodically unleash circular AoEs. Avoid these as you fight the enemies nearby. Additionally, watch out for the Bone Nix toad enemies, as they can use an AoE knockback that can push you into un-aggroed groups of enemies.

      Later in the dungeon, in the Knights' Quarters, you will need to unlock two Terminals that are positioned inside the AoEs of orange Corrupted Crystals. Clear out the nearby enemies, then make sure the Healer tops up the player unlocking these Terminals.

      All-Seeing Eye

      The first boss of Dzemael Darkhold is the All-seeing Eye. As mentioned above, the All-seeing Eye will only take damage when it is inside the Crystal's Veil's glowing blue light. Move the boss inside the crystal's glow to damage it. Eventually, the light from the crystal will run out, and you'll need to find another one to continue the fight. The All-seeing Eye will use the following attacks.

      • Cursed Gaze: The All-seeing Eye will cast a Gaze attack to its front, dealing damage and inflicting the Amnesia debuff, preventing you from using abilities. This attack will hit players who are in the AoE and looking at the boss. To avoid Cursed Gaze, either move outside the AoE or turn your back to the boss.
      • Dread Gaze: This attack is similar to Cursed Gaze, but will inflict Paralysis instead of Amnesia. Avoid Dread Gaze in the same way as Cursed Gaze.
      • Eyes on Me: A large, point-blank AoE that deals moderate damage. The Healer should be prepared to restore the party's health after this attack.
      • Mouche Volante: Throughout the fight, these enemies will spawn around the arena and attack players. The Tank should group them all up underneath the crystal, while the DPS players use AoE attacks to kill them.

      The All-seeing Eye will repeat these attacks until it is defeated. Be sure to keep the boss in the crystal's light at all times, and avoid the Gaze attacks. After the Eye is down, head through the Magitek Transporter that appears to move to the next area of the dungeon.


      The second boss of Dzemael Darkhold is Taulurd. Near the beginning of the fight, Taulurd will summon additional enemies outside the arena. These enemies will throw rocks at random players, dealing damage. They will also cast Firewater, targeting players with a small AoE circle. Taulurd's two attacks are listed below.

      • Straight Punch: Taulurd will deal damage and knock back his target, which should be the Tank. This attack can't be avoided, so heal through the damage.
      • Double Smash: Taulurd will deal damage in a cone AoE to his front. Move outside the AoE indicator to avoid this attack.

      Taulurd will repeat these attacks until he is defeated. When he gets low on health, the boss will grant himself a damage buff, increasing the damage of his attacks. The Healer should remain vigilant throughout the fight and restore the party's health.


      The final boss of Dzemael Darkhold is Batraal. Around the arena are three Corrupted Crystals that Batraal will periodically tether to, granting himself invulnerability. Quickly destroy the Crystals to make the boss vulnerable again. When all three Crystals have been destroyed, Batraal will grant himself a damage up buff. Batraal's other mechanics are detailed below.

      • Grim Fate: Batraal will deal high damage to a single player. The Healer should restore the targeted player's health after this attack, as it can't be avoided.
      • Grim Cleaver: An ranged attack at a random player that has no AoE indicator. Similarly, the Healer should restore the targeted player's health.
      • Grim Halo: Batraal will deal damage in a wide area around himself. Ranged players should fight away from the boss, while the Healer restores the Tank and melee players' health.
      • Desolation: When Batraal is tethered to a Corrupted Crystal, he will use this attack to target a random player with a large line AoE in their direction. The targeted player should move out of the way of other players to avoid hitting them with this attack.
      • Sea of Pitch: After all three Crystals have been destroyed, Batraal will add this attack to his rotation. Sea of Pitch will target players with a void puddle that deals damage in a circle AoE. Avoid overlapping this attack with other players.

      Batraal will repeat these mechanics until he is defeated. The boss will tether to a new crystal at 33 percent health intervals. With this in mind, you can predict when the next tether will occur, allowing you to get into place to destroy the Corrupted Crystal quickly.

      After Batraal is defeated, Dzemael Darkhold will be complete. Don't forget to roll on your loot before you exit the dungeon.

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