Final Fantasy 11 Mobile Port May Have Been Cancelled By Nexon

Final Fantasy 11’s mobile port has been in development for years, but it seems Nexon has officially pulled the plug on its long-running project. MTN, a Korean gaming website, is reporting that the project has finally been shut down due to the lack of progress over the course of its production.

Bringing the MMORPG to mobile was always going to be a challenge. Not only is FF11 a game that’s nearly two decades old with aging systems, but trying to get all those to properly translation to a small, touchscreen device isn’t an easy task. There are very few MMOs that offer a PC-like experience on the small screen, and most of them were tailormade for smartphones – not remakes of classics from 2002.

The rough translation of MTN’s report reads, “It is a project that adopted the Unreal 4 engine and started developing in earnest from 2016, but the production was not smooth. Since 2018, it has been assigned to Nexon One Studio, and it is known that the development direction has changed once.” Turning Final Fantasy 11 into a mobile MMO is a monumental task, and it seems as if the team wasn’t quite sure which direction to take it.

The developers working on Final Fantasy 11 have reportedly been reassigned to other groups in the Nexon family, including Project NRG and Tales Weaver M.

Honestly, the news isn’t that surprising. Little info had been made public about the title over the past few years, and it was unlikely Final Fantasy 11 could have held its own in the overcrowded mobile MMO marketplace. Black Desert Mobile, Lineage 2 Revolution, and even RuneScape all have a sizable share of the market, and each one was tailormade for touchscreen devices. Of course, RuneScape was first available on PC, but its relatively simple mechanics compared to Final Fantasy 11 means it translates well to iOS and Android.

If you’re looking for an MMO fix, we’d recommend checking out one of the games listed above, as it doesn’t seem like there’s any life left in Nexon’s ambitious port.

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