FIFA 22 scam warning: Is your account at risk from phishing? Plus TOTW 18 player reveal

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FIFA 22 publisher Electronic Arts has announced new measures to deal with phishing scams targeting the popular football game.

The measures were taken after a number of high profile FIFA player accounts were taken over by scammers.

Worryingly, the individuals were able to dupe EA customer service agents into handing over the accounts.

According to a recent statement by EA Sports, the scammers used phishing techniques and exploited human error to bypass security measures like two-factor authentication.

“Over the last few weeks we’ve been made aware of reports that high-profile player accounts are being targeted for takeover.

“Through our initial investigation we can confirm that a number of accounts have been compromised via phishing techniques.

“Utilising threats and other ‘social engineering’ methods, individuals acting maliciously were able to exploit human error within our customer experience team and bypass two-factor authentication to gain access to player accounts.”

EA estimates that fewer than 50 accounts have been taken over using this method, and the company is currently in the process of restoring the accounts to the rightful users.

The good news is that while every account has the potential to be targeted, it looks like EA’s new measures should reduce future incidents.

Electronic Arts is in the process of re-training its customer service agents, specifically in matters of account security.

The company is also beefing up security for the account verification process, requiring managerial approval for email change requests.

Furthermore, EA will update its own software to flag at-risk accounts and better identify suspicious activity.

While this may increase waiting times for customer service issues, it should give users extra peace of mind that their accounts are safe.

If you’re still worried about your FIFA account, there are one or two steps you can take to improve security.

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