Feline Management Simulator Cat Café Manager Comes To PC And Switch Early 2022

A cute, unique game has been brought to us by Roost Games. Cat Café Manager is exactly what it sounds like—a game where you take over a café and fill it with cats. If you’ve ever dreamt of combining your dream of being a cat parent while running an adorable café, this game is for you.

While you have the ability to adopt stray cats and shelter them at the café, you also must train and manage your staff, so it’s not just all play and no work in this game. For those that are into customization options, you will have the opportunity to expand the café and buy furniture of your choosing for decoration. You will also be able to craft your own menu. In addition, you can build relationships with people who show up at the café. The official trailer for the game can be seen below.

It seems that it’s not entirely inexplicable why there are so many cats around. While running the café, you will also have the opportunity to try to figure out the secrets behind the ancient cat shrine in the forest nearby. Perhaps this will have something to do with why there have been so many cats for you to take in.

Cat Café Manager doesn’t have an exact release date yet, but it will be coming to PC and the Nintendo Switch in Q1 of 2022.

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