Fans Have Now Created A Nintendo DSi Port Of Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 has been receiving a handful of ports within the last year, enough to rival the tradition of porting Doom onto household objects. While the beloved Nintendo 64 title has not appeared on any pregnancy tests recently, it has been ported to Nintendo DSi – thanks to the fans who tapped into the game’s source code last year.

A PC port was also revealed in May last year, leaving Mario fans wide-eyed as they witnessed the classic getting played in 4K. The port came about before the release of Nintendo’s hat trick – Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy – to celebrate the franchise’s 35th anniversary, as some fans with modding abilities couldn’t wait to get their hands on it. As expected, Nintendo quickly took legal action against the port’s creator, but the veil had already been lifted for other modders.

The Nintendo DSi has received Super Mario 64 with open arms, created by developer “Hydr8gon”. According to Video Games Chronicle, the homebrew developer stated that the port started off as a joke, but its progression looked promising. “The results were better than I expected” the developer mentioned, happy that the game operated at full speed with impressive graphics. Hydr8gon also said that he was unable to run Super Mario 64 on the DS because of the handheld’s low RAM count. Thanks to some footage from “Stranno”, we can see the port in action.

Before the game’s PC port fell into Nintendo’s crosshairs, many tech savvy fans had already jumped on the opportunity to create mods. One modder tweaked the game’s textures and gave Mario a little rejuvenation himself. Another mod altered the texture once again to present Super Mario 64 as a PlayStation 1 game. Overall, fans wanted to get the game looking as good as it could be, before Nintendo shut down production.

Another mod from “Darío” brought ray-tracing to the Nintendo 64 classic, which instantly brought the plumber and his environments into the real world. The creator bought a $1500 GPU in order to play the game with RTX, and the results were stunning. Fans of the mod also tagged Render64 in Darío’s work, asking if the two could collaborate since the former is already working on a remaster.

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