Fans Are Worried After Lia Marie Johnson’s Producer Exhibits Creepy Behavior On Livestream

The concern over Lia Marie Johnson’s well-being are now at an all-time high after another livestream surfaced, featuring her producer acting inappropriately. Lia went live on Instagram on January 2nd, revealing an unsettling situation to viewers. Although most of the past controversy stemmed from Lia’s own behavior, this stream was different – music producer Steven Wetherbee appeared to be purposely taking advantage of the young star.

Throughout the stream, Lia exhibited her usual odd behavior (slurred speech/vagueness) and looked to be consuming alcohol from a solo cup. Many even speculated that drug use was likely involved based on her eyes and body-language – either way, Lia did not seem well.

At first, it seemed like she is just working on a song by herself, but it quickly became apparent that she was talking to someone near her. Just before the 5-minute mark on the above YouTube video, her producer weirdly puts on a song and advances on her, grabbing her and kissing her. Her viewers were left confused and shocked as they attempted to uncover what exactly was happening.

Her producer then proceeded to coerce her into drinking more after she stopped kissing him to address her phone, despite seeming completely sober himself. Although Lia is not underage, the signs of a fishy situation are all there regardless.

After realizing that Lia was livestreaming on Instagram, he showed signs of concern and aggravation. When questioned about it, the young YouTuber seemed unaware herself, or just too scared to admit it to the creep.

He then pleaded with Lia to end the stream, whispering “I need this not to go out.” She also seemed frustrated at her audience when they showed concern for the situation, telling viewers not to “send police.”

Eventually he “hijacked” her phone and ended the livestream himself. After struggling a bit with the technology and believing the stream to be off, he could be heard saying, “now – we’re going back to us.”

Since the incident, Steve Wetherbee deleted his social media accounts and essentially disappeared off of the internet. Needless to say, his behavior has led to widespread disgust and viewers are hopeful that Lia can find help in those who are close to her.

Sources: YouTube, Twitter

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